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  1. AAD Performance: Rear Toe Links, Camber Links, and Vertical Links, VERY NICE!!

    The weight needs to be off the wheel you are adjusting. Also, Bankyf has the ford performance toe bearings, ill let him tell you how he was able to make our arms fit them.
  2. SPC Adjustable Camber Arms Review

    We'll be doing blue again this summer, its a very popular color but not a standard color our anodizer offers so they have to schedule a whole line shut down for us to run blue. It will be coming back, again in limited quantities
  3. SPC Adjustable Camber Arms Review

    Our (AAD Performance) adjustable camber arms can get you where you need to be with room to spare. Depending on the cars set up we've been able to hit -4.5*. NO Jam nuts, no eccentrics, just easy to swap tabs built into the arm. No cheap heim joints either. We use our rebuildable patented...
  4. Great Video on the Mustang IRS

    The main reason for an adjustable camber link for drag in your alignment, 0* camber is very important for traction on the drag strip. Big power cars that really squat the rear end benefit from slighly positive camber between 0* and 1* The next reason to change the arms is bushing performance...
  5. Steeda Stop the Hop Starter Kit vs. BMR CB010 + CB762 + SCB766

    Sounds good, I just sent you an email, we’ll get you squared away and enjoying your spirited drives again.
  6. Steeda Stop the Hop Starter Kit vs. BMR CB010 + CB762 + SCB766

    Thanks Thanks for giving us a shot, what’s the set up on your car? Do you daily it, drag race, auto cross? We’ve been working with a few customers (several of which are forum members) to deliver these kits with every tab needed to hit the desired camber/toe number for their intended use.
  7. Steeda Stop the Hop Starter Kit vs. BMR CB010 + CB762 + SCB766

    Thanks for the kind words, Enjoy that blue drag pack! if you dont mind, would you DM me your alignment specs with what tabs you end up using when you get the kit installed? The more data we have, the better our customer service can aid customers with specific alignment and tab suggestions
  8. AAD Performance Drag Packs

    I have received a couple questions about how the tab system works, we have an old video that Zach (our sales guy) made regarding tab changes on our challenger display cradle. This video should highlight how quick and easy it is to swap alignments. All it takes is an initial alignment day at...
  9. AAD Performance Drag Packs

    Haha yes, typing on my phone gets the best of me sometimes. David van voris should have a couple videos coming out soon on the whole set up. We are also coming up with a way to mount a go pro inside the fender somewhere to show how these arms work in action.
  10. AAD Performance Drag Packs

    While the forum rules dont allow me to compare our products to other companies, I can tell you our S550 components share the same design features that put us at the top of the mopar suspension market. Our adjustment design, along with rebuild-able spheriflex that is dead quiet helps us stand out...
  11. Simple+Cheap Adjustable rear camber solution from Moog (K100411)

    It’s roughly a 0.25 degrees per 1mm advance. The standard lock outs are locked to where the bolt is center in the slot.
  12. Simple+Cheap Adjustable rear camber solution from Moog (K100411)

    Correct it’s a discrete “fixed” adjustable. You use the tabs to adjust The tabs are available from -9mm to +9mm in .5mm increments. camber adjustments will change toe, toe will not effect camber. Set camber. Adjust toe accordingly (we also have toe links available that adjust the same way)...
  13. Simple+Cheap Adjustable rear camber solution from Moog (K100411)

    All the eccentric does if provide a reference of a quantifiable location. A sloppy one at that. Most eccentrics will have “tick” marks on them so alignment techs can have a relation between turning the eccentric cam and degrees of camber change. Both those designs rely on clamping force to keep...
  14. Simple+Cheap Adjustable rear camber solution from Moog (K100411)

    We had tried that as an early prototype maybe 10 years ago. It turned out to be not very user friendly, especially in aluminum. Also if you were to make your own like that, id suggest a 0.5mm resolution. It all varies with arm design, but we see about a 0.25degree change in camber for each mm...
  15. Simple+Cheap Adjustable rear camber solution from Moog (K100411)

    Most of the increased performance comes from reducing deflection; the amount the knuckle moves in undesirable directions during loading/unloading. We reduce deflection with a more rigid control arm design (billet aluminum), 94A durometer inboard bushings, and our patented quiet and bind free...
  16. Simple+Cheap Adjustable rear camber solution from Moog (K100411) Our S550 Components are fairly new (Early 2021 release) how ever our systems are very popular in the LX/LC mopar community
  17. Simple+Cheap Adjustable rear camber solution from Moog (K100411)

    I have a post here explaining all our components. essentially we use a tongue and grove set up, where the end is allowed to slide in this grove. two bolts hold them together, one is purely clamping, the...
  18. Simple+Cheap Adjustable rear camber solution from Moog (K100411)

    There are plenty of reasons why that may not be the most cost effective route, mainly, tires are expensive. Not even going to touch on performance gains with aftermarket adjustable control arms like our own. Many people have made large amounts of money locking out factory eccentrics. They're...
  19. Simple+Cheap Adjustable rear camber solution from Moog (K100411)

    While the initial price point is nice, why not upgrade the whole arm to something more dependable and easier adjusting while you're in there? You're already dealing with the inboard side on this cradle (the most difficult side to work on). Why not increase performance and gain the adjustment you...
  20. AAD Performance Drag Packs

    Typically 0.25 degree increments is perfect for camber, but if you'd like the .125degree is available. You are correct, with ours installed there are no threaded heims to come loose or cam bolts to rotate. Once the tab is in place the camber is locked and will not change till you change tabs.