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  1. Connecting Rods for a 1500WHP Engine?

    Ya, it is unfortunate because their prices are solid. One thing I feel like I'm learning through this process spend 5% more, get a shit ton more customer service. At least has been my experience so far. Places like Lethal, beefcake and Modular head shop have gone above and beyond.
  2. Connecting Rods for a 1500WHP Engine?

    Not to slam anyone, but without going into detail I had a negative experience with CNC. I ended up going through Lethal...with a 5% off code they're virtually the same price.
  3. If you ain't first, you're last; 7 second S550 build

    Man I'd say that's moving pretty quick in this environment, good stuff. Ya, I'd like to have it together by the end of June, however in all honesty I do feel that's kind of optimistic with the volatility in lead times, the fab work that'll eventually be needed and relying on someone elses...
  4. -12 AN Valve cover fittings

    Really? What issues do you have with them? Of course OEM had to be plastic :frown:
  5. If you ain't first, you're last; 7 second S550 build

    Thanks man, right back at you! I hope your lead times are better than mine right now with service/parts 😂
  6. Standalone FI guys...whatcha running?

    He was definitely super helpful. I honestly asked him initially about the Infinity system but he steered me away given my application. I'm 99% sure I'll go with fueltech.
  7. -12 AN Valve cover fittings

    Me? It's a single g57 88mm build...fully built longblock w/th400, etc. Shooting for 1700wheel but might be limited by the initial fuel system. So I'd definitely rather play it safe with -12.
  8. -12 AN Valve cover fittings

    Aha I saw that opening FB right before this thread. They do a solid setup man, good to know they're open to needs. Honestly kind of wish I went that route; I'm going to have to modify the fittings in the can that I have as well.
  9. If you ain't first, you're last; 7 second S550 build

    This is an air to water manifold for FI. They offer a billet non-intercooled manifold but to be completely honest with you I would go another route if I was N/A. If you're asking if an IM in general increases power NA, yes. The stock manifold is pretty solid so It's going to be somewhat...
  10. Kentucky D1X Procharger setup (low mileage)

    Honestly man I underestimated prochargers in general. The P1 can still run some solid times (80foxcoupe did so) but DA definitely doesn't help. Good thing is...want to move up, swap the head unit and sell the old one.
  11. Kentucky D1X Procharger setup (low mileage)

    Thanks my man! Looks like your all's bumps helped. @AndrewMac has a deposit on it!
  12. If you ain't first, you're last; 7 second S550 build

    Got around to putting the k-member in Friday despite the cold, the steering rack removal was a chore...biggest impact wouldn't move it. I feel quite hood rich right now lmao...the guy I had coming to install electric before the winter never showed up for some reason, so I've got the foundation...
  13. -12 AN Valve cover fittings

    Youre the man, UPR it is. Thank you!
  14. -12 AN Valve cover fittings

    Valve cover to run to a catch can setup. That's the issue...the threading for the valve cover is a little odd, I'll attach a pic. Fathouse DID carry a -12 but looks like they no longer do.
  15. -12 AN Valve cover fittings

    Hey all, any of you FI guys know where to pick up -12 fittings? I'm seeing -10 but don't think that's going to cover what I need. Ebay has a set of -12....but I don't know how much I want to trust them.
  16. Kentucky D1X Procharger setup (low mileage)

    Thanks man, I appreciate it. What route did you end up going?
  17. Kentucky D1X Procharger setup (low mileage)

    I'm surprised as well man! I've been seeing P1 kits with less go for more.
  18. Standalone FI guys...whatcha running?

    Anyone have experience with Fueltech? Talked to Justin at JPC a decent amount when I ordered the th400...he really recommended going that way.
  19. If you ain't first, you're last; 7 second S550 build

    VCT stuff came in from MMR. Another package from them tomorrow, we'll see. Called G-force...8-10 week lead on the 9 inch. I got impatient, so pulled some funds for the totality of the build and am gonna get all parts ordered. Went ahead and bought the JPC Stage 4 th400 w/ SFI case, 252 diode...
  20. RoadCone Racing. Whipple S550 7 Second Beast!

    Here's my research/motivation for the day :p Has the car been dynoed? I know I asked you but you did use the standard CF driveshaft that comes from JPC? Edit: just saw the dyno video. Curious what that 3.8L puts down!