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  1. Florida WTB 15-17 GT PP front lower valance (chin)

    Looking for a GT PP front bumper chin
  2. Florida WTB 18+ OEM rear RH tail light

    Wanting a 2018+ passenger side oem tail light.
  3. 2018-19 Taillight Connector to Harness

    Great info. The connector to the car is this one: WPT-1037 (Ford 1U2Z-14S411-BLB) to the tail light, the "Toyota 8-way connector" works as @liquidscope29 said.
  4. Florida WTB 15-17 GT PP oem front lip/valance/chin and grilles

    Looking for the 15-17 GT PP OEM front chin upper and lower grilles
  5. HOW TO: Swap PP gauges into standard model

    Yes, except for the oil pressure gauge that needs another oil pressure sensor and a tweak with a tuner
  6. Need help with dashcam install.
  7. Florida Brand new unused NX2 turbo $1500 shipped

    I bought the turbosmart actuator for the NX2 from him, best price ever and it was 100% brand new. Don't be skeptical. @Solteka I already installed it BTW, getting the tune from Adam.
  8. Florida Brand new unused NX2 turbo $1500 shipped

    pm me your paypal
  9. Florida Brand new unused NX2 turbo $1500 shipped

    how much for the actuator shipped to FL 33166 ?
  10. HOW TO: Swap PP gauges into standard model

    Did this install on a friends ecoboost, It is a 2017 ecoboost, cloth seats, base rear bumper with reverse parking sensors. Not a common configuration, it had the plug there.
  11. Kansas Multiple Parts Listed

    how much shipped to FL 33166?
  12. Kansas Multiple Parts Listed

    the black Ford OEM emblem is for the front grill or decklid? is it gloss black?
  13. Michigan Baer EradiSpeed 2 Piece Rotors Front and Rear

    how much just for the fronts? shipping to FL 33166
  14. California Sync 3+ Bezel $600

    how much for the sync 3 apim shipped to FL 33166 ?
  15. Has anyone installed the standard 2018 gauge cluster in a 2015-2017? (Includes digital speedometer)

    I wonder if its possible to load 18+ IPC firmware into a 15-17 IPC to get the digital speedometer. Using forscan. Where to get the correct firmware?
  16. Splash screen USB

    He may have meant the USB port OF the laptop :cwl: you need FORSCAN
  17. 2018+ Fog Light/Parking Light wire connector 12v 3 amp...