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  1. 7th mustang. Doing things different at 49

    That's the great thing about these cars is that there's affordable ways to make it what you want, within reason.
  2. Never Normal Mode

    Regarding comments about the torque converter always staying locked after 1st gear, I don't believe that to always be the case. I daily it to work on the same route. Shortly after leaving the house I go up a long hill @40mph. Car always chooses 7th gear. On cold winter mornings, the rpms are...
  3. Oil catch cans on the '18+ Coyotes

    Folks that installed on both sides found little to none on the driver side. I have had a Ford Performance one on my 2020 passenger side since nearly new and it catches about 1oz/1000mi.
  4. This Is Ford's Plan To Fix The Mustang's Biggest Problem

    So the Plan is float on Sunday sell on Monday? Really? Because ballons.
  5. Black GT with Black Accent Package - White Stripes, Tint, Ceramic Coat, Spoiler, and Back Lugs - Wheels?

    I like the look you are going after. Had you thought about yellow stripes?
  6. Preferences

    To me it's just OK on normal mode. It needs more ride control. Sport+ is a lot better. I DD the car and leave it on normal most of the time because the Sport+ A10 shifting can be annoying in town traffic.
  7. Preferences

    The earlier comment about nav on the cluster got me thinking about head's up display. It would be cool if it could show a white outline or some other marker on the windshield where the actual next turn is. When you are approaching it.
  8. Mustang GT Better Traction on the Street

    @tdstuart I wonder if a previous owner installed a Pedal Commander or something that changes the throttle mapping? Other than that I'm curious about the age of the tires. Have you checked the date codes?
  9. Lacking motivation?

    Probably has more to do with mental toughness. I think that is where resiliency comes from.
  10. Lacking motivation?

    And that's really what it's all about. Finding the little things that make us happy. Even if those things by necessity change over time. Sounds like you've been toughing it out for a while already so you know the road ain't easy. Keep that determination going for your recovery, it does make a...
  11. Lacking motivation?

    Of course only you can say if it's worth the effort. I would think the labor cost to have a shop do it would sting. For me it started with no longer doing my own brake jobs. It was always my least favorite thing and having to stop and haul the rotors and drums to a shop to get turned just...
  12. 2021 GT sound tube, and quiet exhaust?

    The performance pack strut tower brace is extremely easy to remove. 1. Open hood. 2. See nut. 3. Apply socket. 4. Turn nut counter clockwise (lefty loosey). Don't worry, nothing bad will happen when you take it off. The hardest part is reaching the firewall to put a plug in the hole left...
  13. dealer wants 47k for a 2020 GT with 400A and 700 miles

    You can always make an offer for what you want to pay for it, if you actually want that one. If they aren't ready to deal just leave your number and say only call if you are ready to meet my price. If it's not what you really want, don't waste your time. Unless a "too good to pass up" deal comes...
  14. Mustang GT PP weighs more than a Truck

    Are the El Ranchino's real trucks? 🤣
  15. Mustang GT PP weighs more than a Truck

    All this talk about fat is getting out of hand. This morning my GT PP1 asked if the spoiler delete makes her butt look fat... I said no (of course).
  16. May Have A Rat

    If you use snap traps or the like, peanut butter works great as bait.
  17. May Have A Rat

    I wasn't able to get mine off without removing the strut tower brace, but that's really easy anyways. I would take a multipronged approach to the rodent. The only thing that seems to repel them is peppermint oil. Put some in a spray bottle or put drops on cotton balls. The engine heat will...
  18. Is it normal for a steering wheel to do this on a "stiff" car on certain roads?

    It depends on what wheels you have. If they are aftermarket, you may or may not need spacers. You would have to verify fitment. Performance pack cars have bigger brake calipers to clear. If you stay with spacers, it sounds like you need to replace those. Don't cheap out on them.