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  1. Mach 1 Tribute Truck "Mav 1"

    LOL, EVERY single negative comment comes from someone who doesn't even own a Mach 1. Yes, you are entitled to have your own opinions, but if you have no skin in the game, remember...opinions are like people who don't have a Mach 1. :cwl:
  2. Why the Mach1 is a rip off

    I've never had one, but this is why they are shit... So why not lament in your Bullet forums or you gt pp3 forums. You just come off sounding like a jealous twit. But then again, maybe that's your point.
  3. Why the Mach1 is a rip off

  4. Day off, figured I’d take the car out for a drive

    Man, I tell ya, I had to turn on the a/c today as the temp got to 77 degrees. These Florida temps are too much! :crackup:
  5. m1 issues yet?

    Had mine since April, almost 7k. My brakes have whistled since day 1, but amazingly in the ford manual for the Mach 1, it says this is to be expected. I have noticed about 5 times now at a stop light, the transmission (I have a manual) pops out as I accelerate (back into neutral). At first, I...
  6. Borla SwitchFire

    Please tell me this makes flames come out your tailpipe...🔥
  7. The Ultimate Xmas Gift!

    Finally, for all the bros out there that continually post in this forum who are Mach 1 haters. You know who you are...The Mach 1 costs too much, The Mach 1 is just a parts bin car, The Mach 1 is not a GT 350, FJG looks sad, My dad had a Mach 1 once and then left mom and me... and so on. YOU know...
  8. Gurney Flap On or Off

    Better than driving a wannabee Mach 1 :)
  9. Using paddles in Sports+

    I was a lookin' fer them paddles, but I kent find none!!!
  10. Pilot Sport 4S to Pilot Sport AS

    It is funny how we all think within our own frame of reference and get bent when someone else doesn't understand by reading our mind. Easy solution to the tire problem, move to Florida. I am keeping the 4s on 'til they are bald like the cup 2's. 4s's are fine in 10 inches of water, and fine on...
  11. And It's Official

    Dodge CEO just announced that Charger and Challenger are dead after 2023 model year, this goes along with the Camaro no longer made after 2023. Makes you wonder if the s650 is going to be a neutered car. Thank god I have my Mad Max car already!
  12. Fighter Jet Grey vs Iconic Silver

    There are far too many boring black white red and silver cars on the highway. I think they are all hondas, toyotas and nissans and mercedes, lexi and they all look the same. For the MISinformed that tell you FJG is played out and that cumstained ochre or shit brown is the best because it is...
  13. Gurney Flap On or Off

    Man, don't look like a riceburner. It's bad enough with it off, with it on, it makes you look like a 22 year old guy who lives at home and drives his moms 2011 Civic that he and his friends have "modded out"! Don't be THAT guy.
  14. Why the Mach1 is a rip off

    Better buy that camaro soon. After 2022 it is gone and not coming back. Maybe a 2030 all ev model...maybe.
  15. In case you didn't know...

    No more Mach 1 Track Attack this year. Next dates will be in March with signups earlier. I missed this go around, but as I don't think too many will actually have delivery by March 2022, maybe the handful of us left can get our laps in.
  16. 2021 Mach 1 Whipple stage 1 WITH Warranty

    Thanks for the info. Guy in the performance shop at the dealer must have wrong info, or really new. Question still stands though...are there any other considerations to make the car safe for the long term, other than the changing the cold air induction? Is there a tune that I must worry about...
  17. 2021 Mach 1 Whipple stage 1 WITH Warranty

    Once you do something like this, Whipple, Roush, Procharger...whatever...Do you have to also upgrade other things on a Mach 1 (not a GT). In other words, is the frame, suspension, transmission...all of it (or any of it) in need of an upgrade and thus more $$$. I saw that the unit pictured also...
  18. Mach 1 wrap pics ...

    This car is now 2...possibly 2.5 mph faster. Fact!
  19. 2021 Mach 1 Reviews Compilation

    To paraphrase the obnoxious Karen's who troll this board...This thread is for posting reviews...There already exists threads about your weight! :wink:
  20. Ford Performance Air Raid Air Filter Upgrade

    I did when I got the FPT on my 16 EB. It was totally worth it, and highly recommended. I only have 6k on my Mach 1 so far, but when it comes time I will definitely be getting another for my M1. Being able to wash and reuse is a blessing and I did notice a touch more umphhhf (back when 330 hp...