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  1. Need help finding a solution to power all my accessories

    I'd look into a Northstar or oddessy battery. They are the best of quality agm batteries made in the USA
  2. 2019 S550 “Revenge”

    This dealership isn't to far from me like 20 mins. They have had these there for a while now.
  3. GT VS GT350

    Waiting until the s650 comes out should be an option to consider. But me personally id keep the GT and mod it.
  4. Tire recommendation for my Mustang GT 2018

    Don't know your tire size, but I've had good results with the Toyo Extensa Hp 2's. Check them out!
  5. Tanks Alot

    If you warm up your car Alot or just idle the car for extended periods of time that will affect your reading. I usually reset mine if I'm doing a trip so that I can see the average I'm doing on the fill ups on the drive
  6. Premium gas?

    I get all my gas from Sam's Club using 93. It's about 20-40 cents cheaper per gallon and I don't DD my stang so I make it work. If I'm a little low I usually throw 10$ of 89 in there never going below 1/3 a tank. Id avoid 87, I feel like it's an "drive normal" or "emergency" fuel at best.
  7. New Ranger or Silverado?

    I beg to differ on the selling point.. also consider the resale/trade in value. Which the Toyota wins again.
  8. New Ranger or Silverado?

    That Toyota "could" last 2x the silverado and make up for its gas mileage. There is also the tacoma, which might be a little better in gas mileage.
  9. New Ranger or Silverado?

    How about a Toyota tundra?
  10. Regrets in Buying Mustang, It's Too Nice!

    I've learned to accept the wear and tear because I bought it to enjoy it. If you don't enjoy it yourself the next owner will forsure. Plus it builds character 😂
  11. Can a case be made for leaving it bone stock?

    I'd say the best and least cost diminishing mods are a nice set of wheels, interior /reverse light led upgrade, a xpipe or h pipe, Ford performance crawl and strut brace, hood struts and lastly the passenger side Ford performance oil catch can.
  12. Thoughts on the New Bronco?

    Needs the coyote motor and I'm sold..
  13. GT500 Spoiler w/ Gurney Flap now available from Ford Performance

    Will this bolt right up to a base 19 gt? How is the finish of the black paint? Thinking about keeping it black.
  14. Mufflers?! Who needs em?! ☠️🤘🏻

    Not hating but man these are overpriced. Maybe if it was 400$.. again maybe..
  15. Oil separator

    Yes, they are benifical keeps crankcase oil blow by from entering back into the intake. Port injection alone does helps keep the valves clean but oil still gets by and can coat the valves while some gets burned off during combustion, which you don't want in your high reving coyote engine.
  16. Why DIDN'T you get a camaro?

    For me it was the comfort, price, overall looks and heritage that got me in my stang. Just something about seeing that 5.0 on the side of the car. My great grandfather had a mustang back in his day almost same color. If only he was alive to see mine.
  17. Oil separator

    Passenger only. JLT for ease of use, empty every 3,000 miles. Ford performance for oem look, and added capacity. Empty every 6,000 miles.