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  1. Factory applied stripes

    Get it ceramic coated, and then you don't have to worry about polishing/waxing, etc. Just wash it, and then dry it off with a leaf blower and you're good to go.
  2. Bought my first Mustang - have a question about rear seats

    Not necessary, but it doesn't hurt.
  3. Hagerty or Grundy Insurance?

    Hagerty on my GT350. 65K agreed upon value, no use restrictions other than not using it to commute to work. Right at $1K per year. I'm 45 with a clean record. Grundy was about $100/yr less for me, but had mileage restrictions.
  4. Did you buy your mustang for a collector car

    I bought mine to drive and have fun with. Not my daily, but not a collector.
  5. ordering my car now help me pick the color!!

    Eruption Green is my vote.
  6. Spoiler

    I would not put the GT Performance Pack spoiler on a GT350.
  7. Just got ceramic coated!

    Number one best thing I've done to mine!
  8. 2016 mustang gt350 twin turbo dyno tune issues

    Car is for sale again already.
  9. Anyone done a Magnum XL swap on a GT350? What did you do for TFT?

    You could give fathouse a call. I know they've done swaps, and might have the adapter you are looking for.
  10. Clutch Shot at 12,000 miles!!

    I would get a better aftermarket clutch and take it to an indie shop for that kind of price.
  11. Revisiting Transmission Cooler for 2016 GT350

    You could return it and get a 17 with the heated cooled seats. 17 and up all come with the coolers.
  12. Initial Oil Change thoughts?

    I change mine every 3,500 miles whether it needs it or not. I did the initial at 1,000 miles, as I have always done this with my cars. Don't be scared of the plastic plug. You should replace it every or every other change for piece of mind, but you can also get a billet one from UPR or one of...
  13. Heritage GT500 give away

    I mean, they sometimes get my money as well.... Supporting their college funds and what not...
  14. Heritage GT500 give away

    I'm in for a few tickets. It supports something I like, so I feel good about giving away my money.
  15. Totaled or not?

    With that damage, and the airbags going off, I'll bet they total it. As mentioned above, there is a percentage of value range that they will total it if it exceeds, and the airbags are expensive.
  16. 2 part question - Auto Start/Stop and battery replacement with tune

    My F-150 has auto start/stop. I had it tuned and they disabled that feature so no more issues.
  17. Do I stay or do I go?

    Boost it. Build a motor if it blows up.
  18. Wanted to get opinions

    It has the correct wheels on it. The price is way high for the miles and having been in an accident though.