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  1. Surging at 3100 rpms

    I agree....
  2. Surging at 3100 rpms

    Nope sorry. Ruled that out by using the cruise control over and over. I never said they weren't good or lazy just that they wont spend the time to really dig into the issue. I get it they have thousands of other customers. I just need someone willing to spend the time and figure out what is...
  3. Surging at 3100 rpms

    Yeah they do have varible timing. I think i have narrowed it down to the tune. Car is still broken, Though. Apprently Roush uses a specific Honda tensioner for the SC. Really difficult to find oddly enough. And to add to it I am in Germany.
  4. Surging at 3100 rpms

    Not yet. Car went down 2 months ago while traveling through Zurich. AC clutch locked up and broken the tensioner. Waiting for parts to arrive but now with winter almost here have to wait for spring to drive it to a tuner.
  5. Roush or VMP spider bracket rib and idler pulley

    I know this is an old post and you guys probably figured it out but... I had my tensioner break on me and found that It is a tensioner from a 2003 to 2013 Honda 3.0.
  6. Surging at 3100 rpms

    That just reinforces my thoughts that it is tune related and that Lund just doesn't care to spend the time to fix it for me. I just need to find a better tuner prefer local but that is going to be difficult since I am in Germany
  7. Surging at 3100 rpms

    Yeah tried that. I think the next thing I am going to try is swapping out the 1080x injectors. I also tried the crank relearn several times. The only things remaining are the injectors, BAP, and clutch. And we'll the tune (which Lund says has no problems)
  8. Surging at 3100 rpms

    Unfortunately my problem doesn't go away with the stock TB.
  9. Surging at 3100 rpms

    I put the stock TB back on and that didn't fix it. Lund says something mechanically wrong with the car. Just so frustrated right now I don't even want to drive it.
  10. Surging at 3100 rpms

    Yeah I tried all that! I am at the point where I just want to put it back to stock...
  11. Surging at 3100 rpms

    Nope not yet. Had a local tuner lined up but he backed out. Really frustrated with the car right now.
  12. Surging at 3100 rpms

    It has a Roush Grill and PMAS CAI. I will have to try that cardboard trick when I get home in a couple weeks.
  13. Surging at 3100 rpms

    Lund gave up on me. Says there is something mechanical with the car. They were able to clear the pI15e code. But don't believe there is anything wrong with the car. Trying a new tuner next month when I get back home. The more I drive it I realize around 2500 rpms there is a minor surge that I...
  14. Found: Source of clunk

    Awesome! Thanks. So the next question is what is it for and what would cause it to be loose and wobbly? If I was to order a new one, what is it called? What would happen If I just remove it?
  15. Found: Source of clunk

    I know this is an old post but wondering about the counter weight is the source of my noise. Do you by chance have a picture of it?
  16. Surging at 3100 rpms

    Interesting. Well I am pushing the issue. Entirely too much money spent on the car and these mods to accept this surge. It is really annoying. We will see what they say with this new log with the surge with using the cruise control.
  17. Surging at 3100 rpms

    I am really hoping it is just the tune and Lund can figure it out. I don't have the stock Roush tune just the Lund tunes. Another revision from Lund but no change. They said the surge was driver this time set the cruise and datalogged it...
  18. Surging at 3100 rpms

    I just bought the car. Previous owner said it has been happening for a bit. Doesn't recall when it started though which makes it really difficult to know what part may be causing the issue
  19. Surging at 3100 rpms

    Still working with Lund. They have been able to clear the code but the surge is still there. Just got another tune to try but it has been raining and not able to take it out just yet. Hopefully tomorrow.
  20. Surging at 3100 rpms

    Tried a thorough cleaning, cleared codes and immediately at start up the code came back. Reading through the article seems to me the issue was resolved by a tune revision. I really appreciate your help. I will contact Lund again with this code and hopefully they can resolve it.