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  1. Lego Technic GT500

    I have not used either. I need to update my mac. Right now, I just play lego the old school way. But I can see this taking over my life. I have the Raptor set too. I was going to make a trailer for it to haul the GT500, but they aren't the same scale. I suppose I could make a trailer for the...
  2. Lego Technic GT500

    My local Target and Walmart have had several in stock since they launched. I bought mine, I am waiting on a few pieces, as I built it to be stripeless. Lego says 5-6 weeks on part orders. Maybe I should have went to Harry's to get overnight parts from Japan....
  3. New Official Shelby GT500 Lego set

    Yeah but MUSTANG!!
  4. GT350R FS: 2018 GT350R

    Love the all black, no stripe look. Just looks soooo mean. *wiped drool off chin*
  5. New Official Shelby GT500 Lego set

    This arrived in the mail today!
  6. officer lied on accident report

    That SD card would be considered evidence, which they still have. You can file an open records request to retrieve it.
  7. New Official Shelby GT500 Lego set

    The Speed Champion Fords
  8. New Official Shelby GT500 Lego set

    I have this set as well. I love it. It is massive though.
  9. New Official Shelby GT500 Lego set

    Same. I've been dying for Lego to make like a Ford GT Expert Technic set, like the Porsche, Sian, and/or Bugatti set.
  10. New Official Shelby GT500 Lego set

    Yup, I have that version as well. Was just surprised when I saw it from Lego. Lego needs to hire that person instead.
  11. New Official Shelby GT500 Lego set

    Was randomly looking on and found this. Comes out January 1, 2022.
  12. Arizona 2019 Ford Performance Blue GT350 4sale

    Beautiful car. You should add that it has the Carbon Fiber dash, as that was a factory option. Do you have any pictures of the 350R front splitter? Is it OEM? Good luck with sale!!
  13. 2022 GT500 order thread

    I cant wait to see this color on the car and in person.
  14. Wheels of Fortune - Signature Wheels

    Is this on lowering springs?
  15. Iconic R Owners Thread

    One less in the world :(
  16. Base Model R Club another base R with a Gen 2 Voodoo motor.
  17. Base Model R Club

    Terrific looking vehicle model and welcome to our small club of Base R owners. Looks like you have done what many of us other owners have done and gone out and bought some floor mats for your car? I always seemed to get the 2 Gray colors mixed up therefore is your car Avalanche Gray or...
  18. In The News

    I believe in you
  19. Base Model R Club This just popped up on BaT. 23 Mile 2017 base GT350R.