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  1. S550 Lap Times (Road Course)

    I think I have racetrack addiction…
  2. S550 Lap Times (Road Course)

    See my prior post, quoted below :)
  3. S550 Lap Times (Road Course)

    1:44.63 @ Laguna Seca Tires: 305/35R18 Nitto NT-01
  4. S550 Lap Times (Road Course)

    It's *nearly* perfect! I'm simply disappointed that I can only render the video with data (found that after I uploaded, whoops), and I can't export the raw data to race render. I like the dedicated camera without any fancy image stability interference I get when recording with my iPhone...
  5. S550 Lap Times (Road Course)

    1:54.45 @ Sonoma Raceway 2017 Mustang GT PP1 305/35r18 Nitto NT01 (square) I’ve been back to this track 3 times in the last month 🤣
  6. S550 Lap Times (Road Course)

    Sonoma Raceway - 1:56.23 305/35R18 Nitto NT01 2017 Mustang GT I’m genuinely upset at myself for forgetting to record the video
  7. Bay Area: WTB Squared Apex EC-7/SM-10 18x10 Wheels

    I have a set of 19x10 SVE S350 with PS4S (2 track days on them), has about 70-80% life left in them. There is some slight marring in the lug nut wells, but there are no other scratches. I can send photos if you're interested
  8. NorCal Coastal Cruise?

    I would potentially be down, pending availability!
  9. Ewheels Road Course Build

    Have you driven it yet? I'd be curious to know how much more noise comes into the cabin without the lining
  10. M6G Suspension Nirvana

    What tires and tire pressures are you running too? Perhaps if you have a set of 300TW+ dailyable wheels and tires, the ride may improve enough for you to keep your setup. I'm on 285/35r19 PS4S on 19x10 inch wheels square, and I don't really think it's all that stiff, although I will say that...
  11. M6G Suspension Nirvana

    I wonder how those compare to PS4S's, they're a great value proposition in comparison
  12. M6G Suspension Nirvana

    +1 to what Norm said @CoolRod Billy Johnson has a good article on how to select the right wheel/tire combo:
  13. M6G Suspension Nirvana

    Sorry to hear about your prior stang :( What wheels and tires were you running on it before though? I have 285 Michelin PS4S square, and I'm simply thinking it isn't a wide and grippy enough tire for the middle setting
  14. M6G Suspension Nirvana

    How was the handling balance after you set your bar back to soft? I think I have the same problem, and I want to set it back to soft as well. Unfortunately, I'm using stock links and the end link stud too long to remove from the middle without removing the strut xD. I'll swap them out with...
  15. Ewheels Road Course Build

    @Ewheels, do you have the Steeda roll center correction kit installed? If not, it should counter your oversteer and help with camber gain and front wheel grip while allowing you in theory to run a softer front bar setting, though you may need to cut your strut holes to achieve the same amount of...
  16. Ewheels Road Course Build

    Awesome build thread! :) QQ: How's your front and rear tire wear pattern with those camber settings?
  17. Sway Bars - So Many Choices

    Digging deeper, I found some info on the PP2 sway bar. Ford claims the PP2 rear sway bar is 67% stiffer than the PP1. It is a solid 24mm rear sway bar. Bmac's OEM PP rate is accurate; Cortex has OEM measurements...
  18. Sway Bars - So Many Choices

    Interesting to note that the updated sheet has 230 for the GT350R rate. Previously, the number was 157, per I wonder where this new value came from? My Google-fu failed to yield any results If the new number is true, then...
  19. Sway Bars - So Many Choices

    Damn, looks like they stopped producing it :(. There aren't many rear bar options out there that aren't excessively stiff...