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  1. Someone Took Out My Driver Side Mirror, Gotta Get a New One.

    Soooo looks like someout had a fun night a little bit ago and decided to kick out my driver side mirror. It was left dangling by the wires. Anyone know where I can get another mirror to replace it? I think I can just go to the dealer to get a replacement part, but im not sure if there is a...
  2. 2 YouTubers going to be rebuilding engine themselves after warranty denial.

    This comment sums up my reaction to this whole thread perfectly.
  3. Welp here's a new LOUD ticking sound.

    That really sucks if it is. There is no way I would be cool with my mustang normally sounding like that... Half the reason I bought the car over its competition was for how it sounds.
  4. Welp here's a new LOUD ticking sound.

    Update from the Dealer. They told me there's defiantly a noise coming from inside the engine so they will need to take it apart to look at it further. Said there's a bit of a line for the engine tech guy to look at so its gonna be about two weeks until they can get to it. Honestly its getting...
  5. Welp here's a new LOUD ticking sound.

    It happens above idle to from what i can tell, just needs to warm up a bit
  6. Welp here's a new LOUD ticking sound.

    Ya i'm taking it to a different dealer this time. I haven't checked the oil level. I have had a few mods, but none that should matter. IRS Subframe braces and an oil catch can.
  7. Welp here's a new LOUD ticking sound.

    They said they were trying to bring some engineer down from the factory to look at it but it was always "well man where just still waiting to hear back from the factory" and I just said screw it at that point. I was seeing that other people said the 2k rattle is probably nothing, some people...
  8. Welp here's a new LOUD ticking sound.

    Well ladies and gentlemen, looks like another one might bite the dust here. This past weekend it started making this really loud ticking sound. (Different from the typewritter tick, this ones ones really consistant on timing). I had the 2k rpm rattle before this and took it to the dealership...
  9. 3/4 Point Harness Mount Points for Autocross

    Ya that is my thought, if i get a schroth harness with ASM and then where my stock belt just in case the mount point in the back fails ill still be okay. Its just auto cross so risk of a serious accident is already really low.
  10. 3/4 Point Harness Mount Points for Autocross

    Hey everyone, I just started doing auto cross this year and I've started to feel like im forcing my body to stay centered in the seat, so i've been looking at different harnesses. Originally i was looking at the quickfit from Schroth which was perfect because i use my back seats on occasion...
  11. squared setup - handling/steering response only thread

    Is +40 good for the offset?
  12. squared setup - handling/steering response only thread

    Lol I meant to post this in a different thread... O well... Great! Did you had you change much else to get them to work or just lowering springs?
  13. squared setup - handling/steering response only thread

    Something else, I thought about, in like a winter or two i think im gonna lower the car. I have magna ride so it wont be much (I think steeda's is an 1" and Ford Performance and BMR are 3/4"). You guys think that will be an issue with the 285s up front?
  14. New Wheel and Tire Setup

    Ok yup thats a whole nother ball game, I probably won't be adding power for a while.
  15. New Wheel and Tire Setup

    Why did you choose that?
  16. New Wheel and Tire Setup

    I've heard this alot but I don't really understand why that is. Also the 10s for those wheels only have a +40 offset, I think the stock pp1 has a +52 offset, is that gonna be an issue?
  17. New Wheel and Tire Setup

    Hey everyone. I recently scratch up my OEM rims real good and the 4S's are about to ware out, so that gives me a good excuse to get some new, wider and little bit lighter wheels. Right now at my price range and based on my tastes I'm thinking of grabbing either MRR m350s or Apex SM-10s. From...
  18. Clutch higher bite point?

    Should be fine, stalling your car really shouldn't effect the clutch very much, its mostly a problem for your engine and even then with modern engines I wouldn't really worry if you stall the car a few times, your engine is more then likely fine. Couldn't tell you why the bite point would be...
  19. Clutch feels smoother then normal

    TL;DR : Taught my brother to drive stick badly, I think my clutch plate is smoother. Is that a normal part of the life span of a clutch? It doesn't seem to be slipping when fully engaged just less friction as i'm shifting. So is it just more ware then normal or is it fucked? Hey everyone, I...