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  1. Exedy Mach 500 + OEM flywheel question

    Did that they confirmed that it should work fine with OEM Flywheel.
  2. So, steppin’ out?

    When I first got the car it stepped out on me a lot most scary was in a rain on the highway because of aquaplaning but I manage to catch it. The scariest thing was when I jumped a curb on the street but this was the time that the car didn't stepped out I just didn't see that the road was merging...
  3. Exedy Mach 500 + OEM flywheel question

    Hi all, I want to ask if someone is running Exedy Mach 500 clutch with OEM flywheel. I'm reading a lot of things but there is no definitive answer if it will fit with the OEM flywheel. This is important as finding the Lightweight flywheel is next to impossible in Europe. So if someone is...
  4. Wider rims, need advice

    are we still talking wheel sizes :D
  5. 2016 GT - Driveline vibration at 40+ mph, plus MT82 shifting roughly

    Go with Steeda but make sure your driveshaft is properly aligned the OEM 2-piece design is heavy and is causing more vibrations than an one piece aluminium and if the pinion is also damaged this needs replacing as well. But most importantly proper driveshaft alignment is needed.
  6. Handling

    This is some next level part throttle racing right there :D
  7. Handling

    I have full length Jacking rails so I can't fit the IRS braces on my car. But they look cool from what I have read BMR CB762 works with full length jacking rails as well so probably will get that instead.
  8. Handling

    This is why this forum recommends going with only FR Track Pack shocks and struts and to pair them with BMR 083 springs. Then to add GT350R rear sway bar and whatever After market front swaybar you like more about this setup could be found here...
  9. Wider rims, need advice

    Thanks 305/690/19 should fit. Very useful will need to look around some tracks.
  10. Wider rims, need advice

    Porsche Cup runs 18" inch tires I'm asking for 19".
  11. Wider rims, need advice

    what is the Pirelli DH 19 size that fit ?
  12. So close to 500 hp !

    What is the app you are using for this calc ?
  13. Handling

    Bilshtain B6 of FPTP dumpers + BMR 083 springs is efectively same rates/suspension setup as gt350r minus the lovely Magneride dumpers. And Ford is selling an MR handling kit for the MR cars which is very close to what is on PP2/M1/GT350 in terms of MR setup. Overall though even in the GT350R...
  14. Rotors and pads for daily driving and light track use?

    I was in the same situation last season. I was going through OEM brake pads a lot as I was progressively getting faster. With that in mind I still think fro dual duty car the OEM brake pads are the best of both worlds. Only downslide of OEM pads is the brake dust. However I upgraded for track to...
  15. Recommendations 19 Mustang PP1 Sway Bar & End Links

    I personally have Steeda front swaybar but both kits should be fine so go with Steeda or whatever is cheapest.
  16. Recommendations 19 Mustang PP1 Sway Bar & End Links

    Nope oem sway bar is glued to the bushings so is a PoS. So is the rear bar to be fair but a lot of people are not replacing it because is good enough even with very tough front swaybars. However for what you need whitelane have a good kit of sways and endlinks in one package. I think it's a good...
  17. S550 styles I have not seen on the road...

    I didn't seen only GT350R and PP2 all others ether have seen on know owner and I thought Mustang's were not huge in my small European country. We evan have CFTP GT500 in our Mustang Club. But I missed the meetup when it was there so pissed. But yeah overall only missing is 350R and PP2. Test...
  18. Exhaust Corrosion ?

    Not on all cars Trac-Loc cars which are 3.55 have Iron Diff cover.
  19. Exhaust Corrosion ?

    good for you but mine is a garage queen though sitting on a lot for 2 years before me and the diff is starting to rust mine has the Iron cover though so that might be normal/expected. And a friend of mine imported a car from the States from an action with rear damage fixed it and exhaust, diff...
  20. Exhaust Corrosion ?

    All the underside exhaust, driveshaft, differential are metal and a cheap metal at that which mean that they are prone to corrosion. You can look photos of Florida or CA cars that have everything rusted out on 2-3 years old Mustang. Which is why you always should keep your car dry and store it...