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    Fronts are Weld torq 18x6 Rears are RC Comp Exile-S 15x11 beadlock
  2. Science is now cancelled?

    If you read up, I’ve already explained it all.
  3. Science is now cancelled?

    So now you’re questioning my personal integrity and my doctor’s experience. Wow the onslaught never ends.
  4. Science is now cancelled?

    My entire point was that his death was used by media as a vaccine advertisement. Why is that okay? because I believe people should be able to freely make their own choice I’m anti-vax? If people determine they want to take it, I’m not opposing them from taking it, just as if people chose not...
  5. Science is now cancelled?

    The difference is the vaccinations required for school children have been around for a long time and the short and long term effects have been known and most mitigated over time. I have side effects from this vaccine that I continue to live with despite maybe never needing to take a vaccine as...
  6. Science is now cancelled?

    If you were a bus driver or pilot and directly responsible for the death of people due to the fact you were not wearing your seatbelt, you’d be tried and face those consequences. No, I’m saying it’s speculative to say the reason he died was because he was unvaccinated, when vaccinated people...
  7. Science is now cancelled?

    I’m sure his family appreciates him being used “as an example” instead of mourning their loved one.
  8. Science is now cancelled?

    Firsthand, I can only speak locally and I can tell you the reason healthcare services are busier than normal here is because they let half their workforce go because they didn’t want to be vaccinated. Secondly the hype is so built up, people get a cough and immediately run to the emergency...
  9. Science is now cancelled?

    Agreed, there’s plenty of compliance’s we’ve already grown to live with. More than we should probably allow. Articles like the one about Meatloaf upset me because they bring the vax/anti-vax agenda in. Can’t we just say this person has passed and they’ll be missed without making it a platform...
  10. Science is now cancelled?

    Are you asking me personally? I don’t see 24/7 coverage of seatbelts or infant vaccinations. Not do I see constant coverage of heart disease, obesity, smoking, etc. I have yet to see the masses losing their jobs because they decided they don’t like wearing their seatbelt. Nor are parent’s of...
  11. Science is now cancelled?

    So now you’ve decided the people not getting vaccinated are all right wing republicans. Interesting. People are being worse than bullied, they’re losing their jobs, their livelihoods, friends, family and probably more to come. People are being shoehorned into a discrimated demographic...
  12. Science is now cancelled?

    Ah so you’re okay with bullying people to ensure they put something in their own bodies to make you feel safer? When did it become okay to tell another human what they should do with their own person? This is setting an extremely dangerous precedent. One I wholeheartedly do not agree with.
  13. Science is now cancelled?

    Covid politics are alive and well throughout the world. It's definitely real and can definitely kill, but typically is harder on elderly or people with pre-existing conditions. The news is always quick to play up the COVID card immediately without ever mentioning any background. They...
  14. Science is now cancelled?

    He had extremely severe back pain even after four surgeries. He had a severe heart condition and had a heart attack on stage and heart surgery. He's been asked about his health for decades, including severe alcoholism among other things. He was anything but the pinnacle of health.
  15. Science is now cancelled?

    That wasn't an attack on you whatsoever. It was towards the news reporting. He's been dying for a long time. Regardless I'm sure he was ready to go.
  16. Science is now cancelled?

    He was also 74 and had tons of ongoing health issues in the past 15 years so not sure why that is relevant now. lol Both sides never miss the opportunity to make a story where there isn't one.
  17. 15” Drag Radials??

    That's what I ran for Rockymountain Raceweek this last fall. I ran at five different tracks and definitely never had any issues, of course the car was turned way down to about 800whp to run the 10.0 index class.
  18. 15” Drag Radials??

    I've ran the following and had success with them all. 325/50R15 ET-R 315/60R15 ET Pro 275/60R15 ET Pro For a 15x9.33 I would probably run a 275/60R15 ET Pro personally.
  19. Tires for Supercharged cars

    Try dropping pressure some. Mickey Thompson recommends 14-18 psi. The feathering like that is from regular street driving, just gripping uneven surface. If you plan to get aggressive with the car, a good burnout will clear them up and make them sticky again. Just realize doing this all the...
  20. Supercharger....which one?

    You can make over a 1000whp with the gen2 whipple still on a 6-rib. I'm on a 3.00 pulley and close to it if not over. Add the 20% lower and a 10 rib setup, you're in the 1200-1400whp range