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  1. Real Bucket List - Mach 1 Track Attack - Heavy Heart

    Awesome tribute!!
  2. Steeda Suspension Upgrades... it has begun

    This is similar to the "STOP THE HOP PACKAGE"? Plus some other goodies
  3. 2021 GT sound tube, and quiet exhaust?

    That's the best time to go WOT. Most of the dealers will let you go alone these days.
  4. Wanted to get opinions

    Not at that price!!!! I would also take it to dealer and have it thoroughly inspected. IMHO
  5. New York CoverCraft Car Cover for Shelby 350 Brand New

    Is this with the weathershield feature?
  6. Are these Cup 2’s done?

    Maybe one more.
  7. Resonator deleted?

    Lucky Son of Gun!!!
  8. 11's all the way around?

    I was consider the same thing. Looking for to the responses. I haven't seen any threads regarding this topic lately.
  9. GT350 Daily Use

    Perfectly Worded!!!!!!
  10. GT350 Daily Use

    I second that motion!!! I'm not saving mines for the next either. I bought the car to enjoy it not stare it every other day!!! I live in suburbs of New York City. About a hour and 10 minutes away. I will probably drive it until mid-october then put it away for the winter.
  11. Shiftek or Corsa

    Thanks a lot guys!!!! your feedback has been very helpful!!!
  12. Shiftek or Corsa

    I wanna keep my stock mufflers. Which is better(loudest) went WOT?
  13. Hurricane Ida

    What part of lowcountry are you from.. I grew up in walterboro
  14. Mach 1 or 2019 GT350

    A very close friend bought a 2018 TrackHawk. That truck is beast!!!! As long as I keep him the twisties I can hold him off. Until we get on straight away then its bye bye. So I will keep on the Taconic Parkway in Mexico. lol
  15. Mach 1 or 2019 GT350

    Well, as see you in thumbnail I went with gt350. FP Blue Stripe delete

    Looking for a morning run. I live in the Orange County Area.
  17. Vinyl Wrapped S550's (Pictures)

    The Ford Performance Stripe is 👌🏿