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  1. My Mach 1 changes coming.

    Sweet Mach's! You must be livin' right. Mind if I ask how close yours was to msrp? This one at a dealer in western WI is +$2,500.
  2. Car just arrived and Ughhh

    How do you know the battery is "good" and has a "full charge"?
  3. Did you buy your mustang for a collector car

    Nope. Mines a little different with PP1, MagneRide, B&O Stereo, Active Exhaust, Manual, and a vert. Not rare, and it'll never, ever, be a collector car. It's just a Mustang with a couple neat, OEM options.
  4. Ordered my new stang

    What's caused the PP1 to increase from $5195 in 2020, to $6700 in 2022?
  5. Squeaky Clean Oil Change

    ^This. I also purchased/installed the Ronin plug during the first oil change at 1k miles.
  6. GT40 Taillights

  7. Car just arrived and Ughhh

    Return it. You'll never be sorry you did. Like one of the other posters previously mentioned, "They'd sell a car to Carvana/Vroom, but never buy one from them".
  8. Ronin Oil Drain Plug

    "made in netherlands."
  9. Diode Dynamics LED Side Marker

    Installed the gray ones on my magnetic vert. Installation of this MADE IN USA mod was simple and they look great. Just watch the video. NOTE: Be sure to apply a dab of dielectric grease to the connectors before installation. 10/10. Buy 'em!
  10. Ford Mustang Tops 2021 Made in America Auto Index

    I reached out to American University and immediately received a reply. Although I haven't been able to directly communicate with them, they did mention that some info was missing and the 2013 MIA index may help answer some questions.
  11. Ford Mustang Tops 2021 Made in America Auto Index

    After reviewing this article multiple times, I find it a fail. It fails to define many of the terms used and source of its data. It's nearly meaningless in any of its claims.
  12. Ford Mustang Tops 2021 Made in America Auto Index

    So 100% could come from canada and be included as 100% American?
  13. Looking for: MMD Coolant Overflow Tank Cover w/ Mustang Lettering Item 390808

    Thanks, yes I know that. I'm looking for a NOS or mint/near mint used.
  14. Looking for: MMD Coolant Overflow Tank Cover w/ Mustang Lettering Item 390808

    Anyone know where I can purchase one of these tank covers for my '20 GT? They were originally made by MMD, sold through American Muscle. BTW: I'm having a difficult time finding under hood dress-up parts that will fit my '20. Companies (Southern Car Parts, RPI Designs) will not confirm that...
  15. indoor storage

    I do not use a cover. Over the winter, its stored in a car capsule. Otherwise, it sits uncovered in the garage. I use this to remove dust and love it: BTW: Talk all you want about the duster creating...
  16. Is magneride worth it?

    MagneRide is proven. No gimmick. I love it.
  17. What does your mustang smell like?

    Leather and Hot Wheels Air Freshener - lol.
  18. 2019 GT PP1 Tire selection?

    Stay stock.
  19. Best exhaust?

    Borla Stingers.
  20. Favorite ONE mod that you have done.

    Hot Wheels Air Freshener (+46 hp)