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  1. Can we get a 5.2L V8 Predator Engine Mods & Bolt-Ons Sub-Forum?

    Would definitely help other members who are looking for information on what works and what doesn't. I would like to see one started
  2. GT500's 5.2L Predator V8 Now Available as Crate Engine (Priced $25,995)

    I just got a quote from a dealer they told me the long block was 26g I needed a whole engine ended up buying the crate engine from BLUE OVAL INDUSTRIES for 24g
  3. Are they still shipping the 2021 Gt 500?

    I also heard they opened today, I put a order in for a 22 today through my dealer. I had placed a order in for a 21 in April and never received a Vin as of last week so the dealer told me to place a order in for a 22.
  4. How many miles on your GT500 and what year?!

    2020 January 20,500
  5. Completely Turning Off Traction Control?

    It does work, I was able to donuts for as long I wanted. You need to hold it up until it stability control is off
  6. How many miles you got?

    I put a extra # in by mistake it's very close to 20,000
  7. How many miles you got?

    No lol just love to drive it basically take it out after work and weekends. I'm trading that one in for 2021 might cancel order and just get 2022 love the new colors
  8. How many miles you got?

    2020 Gt500 Delivery date 1/7/2020 19,856
  9. Oil consumption question

    Yes the Ford one have the handling package
  10. Oil consumption question

    I check every 500 to 600 miles, it's modded pulley,ported etc.
  11. Oil consumption question

    Have 17,453 miles haven't noticed any loss and I do a ton of WOT
  12. Mods (hp+)that won’t void warranty?

    It's catless
  13. GT500 top speed test.

    It definitely feels like it has more in it,
  14. GT500 top speed test.

    No limiter I ran out room, I didn't use my draggy so don't know how accurate the speedo is. I will be making some more runs once the weather gets warmer and I will use the draggy to compare the speeds
  15. GT500 top speed test.

    I ra
  16. GT500 top speed test.

    No limiter car was very stable
  17. Wonky back-up camera

    They had the car for one day