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  1. Florida Brett Barber Ported 18 manifold with extras

    Yeah, great porting, over the years I just had no desire to even have my car tuned so never put it on.
  2. Florida Brett Barber Ported 18 manifold with extras

    I have a Brett Barber Ported 18 manifold with MMR lockouts and Heat shield as seen in the link Heatshield attached. Been sitting in box over 2 years. Got it all and never put it on the car never even tuned the...
  3. Texas 2015-2020 mustang GT Stainless power LT headers, gt350 CAI, nitrous express single nozzle kit for sale

    Great price, too bad they aren’t the extended tubes for the Corsa 2X pipe
  4. Thank you Hellion

    Plenty in central Florida running around. No track needed to run 9.1s on the street every time. No Altitude, DA, track prep or 100 other excuses 95% of the ppl on this website have. Would be a fun car just to have if I had the spare change.
  5. Thank you Hellion

    yet you run into a Tesla plaid on the street and you’re getting handed at any dig race.
  6. Texas V3JT/2200SL for sale

    S, T, JT, Ysi have always been the order of blower upgrade for V1, V2 and V3s. You goofed, own it, it’s all good. No turbo no care.
  7. 1,000+ HP GT500 Races vs. Tesla Plaid Model S

    Yes a Stage 3 roush is slow idc if it’s 725 crank or wheel horsepower. Dyno #s are Ego #s because 90% of the people on here can’t properly set up suspension but rather make more power to offset and e85 ain’t making it fast so as I said there’s not many ppl here who own fast cars. As for this...
  8. 1,000+ HP GT500 Races vs. Tesla Plaid Model S

    According to the article, the 5-95% SOC session took about 52 minutes. As MotorTrendprovides only a handful of data points, we did our best to estimate the time. The estimated time from 20% to 80% SOC is about 27 minutes. Starting at 10% SOC would require 29 minutes. Tesla says that 15 minutes...
  9. 1,000+ HP GT500 Races vs. Tesla Plaid Model S

    You think the clientele owning a Tesla Plaid doesn’t own at least 2+ cars already? Do you take a 400+ mile road trip every time you drive? Can your car even make 250 miles without sweating for fuel? Don’t be a clown. Anyone who owns one has a charging station at their residence and unless you...
  10. Scam user: christaindest

    I reported him prior to the post and again after.
  11. Scam user: christaindest

    Was wondering the same thing. Wont even show me anything but his name associated with the email for PayPal. Then tells me he has a problem with my funds and it’s gonna have to wait so I ask for screen shot and shows me one with a flag on his PayPal saying transaction on hold due to no address...
  12. Scam user: christaindest

  13. Scam user: christaindest

    To see his username and then an actual name was a flag for me not because of the origin of the name. After I did IP check and some other things. I learned that his IP has been flagged for being used in multiple areas. Then profile is California, has IP location showing in Mount Laurel, New...
  14. Scam user: christaindest

    User name: christaindest Email: [email protected] Name on PayPal Suleiman Ngongo Going on different forums with no history saying he has parts for people. Offered to sell me mirror covers and after I sent PayPal secured payment. He refused to do business unless I return my own payment...
  15. This is why I don’t trust anyone else building my engine

    Plenty of these “famous” YouTubers around my area. Complete clowns when it comes to car knowledge and always wanting something for free and expecting an already successful business to do things for them just for “YouTube” support as if all the teenagers watching and 90% of ppl who can’t afford...