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  1. 15” Drag Radials??

    Thanks man. I’ve been looking at the 275/60R15 ET Pros. I’ve been told they hook excellent on prepped surfaces. Not so sure about our track. It’s prepped, but not very much. The track comes around in the afternoon when all the big tire cars lay some rubber down. Shaun
  2. 15” Drag Radials??

    I can run both the 17’s or 15’s. There’s much more options when it comes to a 15” wheel/tire combo.
  3. 15” Drag Radials??

    Hi all, I’m installing my 15x9.33” wheels in a couple of weeks and looking for a 28x10.50 small tire drag radial that will perform well in mediocre track conditions. Car will be leaving on boost via the Boost Leash with C02 and 2-relay transbrake. Mustang is a fully built auto Hellion TT GT...
  4. Eboost2 settings? Hellion TT

    I have 7.5 psi springs. To make 10.7 psi, I used: SP 20 GP 7 SN 20 This was my BG1 (Boost Group 1) For your SP, try to go increments of 5. GP should be 4-5 psi below your target boost. SN should always be 20. Set your OBS (overboost) so you don’t grenade anything when you are making...
  5. Eboost2 settings? Hellion TT

    Do you know what what waste gate springs are in your car? If you set SP 0, GP 0 and SN 20, this will tell you what springs you have and you’ll only make WG spring boost. There is some literature online and YT videos to give you some help. It’s not complicated when you research it. Shaun
  6. Virginia AC Vents (Dash)

    Message sent.
  7. Canada - Newfoundland WTB: Weld RTS S71 Beadlock 15x9.33’s

    Hi. I ordered a set a couple weeks ago. Thank you however. Shaun
  8. Boost Leash Install Photos

    Hi All, Would anyone here have any photos of their Boost Leash install? This will be installed on a top mount Hellion kit with twin 6466’s. I’ll mount the controller with the Fat House Fab bracket below my radio. CO2 bottle will be mounted in my trunk. I also have the Motion Raceworks twin...
  9. 91 on a 93 tune?

    Run some Boostane. I had the same issue. Our 91 fuel is terrible. With the 93 tune and 91 I had knock.
  10. Canada - Newfoundland WTB: Weld RTS S71 Beadlock 15x9.33’s

    Looking to buy a set of Weld RTS S71 Beadlock 15x9.33’s. If you know of a set available now or later on this year, I’ll kindly take them off your hands. Thank you. Shaun
  11. *NEW* BMR KM760 K-member in stock here at Lethal Performance!

    Will this fit a 2015 Mustang GT with a Hellion TT kit? Viking coilovers? Please let me know. Thank you. Shaun
  12. Handbrake cable rerouting for Baer Drag Brakes

    I cut the ends off 1” away from the bracket. That will work. Handbrake is not being used anyway as I am auto.
  13. Handbrake cable rerouting for Baer Drag Brakes

    Hi All, Does anyone have a photo of their handbrake cables rerouted with the Baer rear drag brakes installed? Did you remove them all together? Looking for ideas as I just started installing my Baer SS4+ rear drag brakes. Thank you. Shaun