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  1. Switch from stage 2 whipple to stage 2 p1x?

    Most centri guys will tell you to get the procharger, PD blower guys will say wait for the whipple. Without question both will be tons of fun! I think with the out of the box setups and supplied tunes, the whipple will make a bit more power. Again, I'm saying out of the box with no changes...
  2. I need a sub box (help)

    Just sent Mark a msg about a custom box waiting now. PS - Zenclosure will not increase box volume. Just heard back from them.
  3. Locked or unlocked for storage?

    Battery tender, unlocked with hood popped and only soft closed Windows are opened an inch for ventilation and then Covercraft cover Stored in heated garage at 68⁰F Was put away October 25th and will probably see daylight again in late March EDIT: I forgot to add that I put stabilizer in the...
  4. Xmas came early, Mach HP wheels

    Can I ask you to shoot a couple of pictures that shows the poke on the 305 tyres on the front? Thanks :like:
  5. FINALLY! Femco drain for 2018 up

    Holy cow some of you find just the smallest things to cause a huge problem to bash about. if you're scared that it won't let out all oil, you can just take out the plug after draining the oil through the hose and tadaaaa - I just solved the current problem in your life. You cannot deny that...
  6. 2019 Shelby GT350R cursed

    They have just seen too many crowd surfing Mustang videos on YouTube Enjoy your R! If you don't, I'll start hating on you :sunglasses:
  7. Gas Prices [WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    We're so blessed in Denmark thst we pay around $7 for a gallon of regular... :crazy:
  8. Shelby GT500 Airbag Fail

    It was clearly a mixup of 2 videos - the a-pillar in the end is white and all S550 models are born with dark pillar and sealing
  9. 2021 Mach 1 Handling Package Wheel Obsession

    I completely agree with you on this and had the same thought that it was the first thing to go if I ordered the rims I just spend some time going through the different threads on these because I am pretty sure that I saw someone who just popped off the original center caps from stock rims and...
  10. Issues getting in touch with White Madnes Garage

    So the last couple of weeks I've tried to get in touch with WMG. I've found some stuff I'd like for my GT but when putting in Denmark as shipping location it seems like it is the only place they won't ship. I've written emails and messages on facebook but nothing and they haven't even seen the...
  11. My Red Pony

    @WD Pro Ohh yeah.. I know that First one is my promise when I meet her at the bar - 2nd one is what I whip out at 'le sexy time :crazy:
  12. Euro tail lights

    I completely understand that you don't want an other set - it just seems like pushing the problem and get struck by it again. all 3 Danish owners that I am aware of bought it directly from EPM on instagram, so yeah - you should be more lucky getting a replacement or refund. About the color -...
  13. Euro tail lights

    You're correct. And you're not the only one! There is a couple of Danish S550 owners who has experienced the very same thing and sadly they had a hell of a fight with EPM about replacing the parts. I know this doesn't help out a lot but more to prepare you for the fight that might come
  14. For those looking for HP wheels....

    I might go on a limb here but I think that most people when it comes to buying new wheels are for the visual and not performance vise. Pretty before Performance :angel: That is also the case for me - I don't know what difference it does with these wheels compared to my stock PP wheels -...
  15. JLT catch can designed to dump oil into intake?

    I have the JLT on both sides and I've never given that a thought. I can imagine if you drive thousands of miles between checking it, it could cause an issue. I empty mine every 1000km (620 miles) and there is only around 5ml in it. If that should be shaken and get sucked up, I think that the...
  16. DIY trunk pull strap

    I did exactly the same as you as my first solution and had the same experience I ended up with a rivnut, which I can only recommend! It works like a charm and you don't have to risk dropping a nut inside the trunklit :thumbsup:
  17. It's HERE! 🎉 Elite Series Sequential Foglight for 2018+ Ford Mustang | Diode Dynamics

    @Diode Dynamics I have 2 questions regarding this product when being located in EU with a EU specced 2020 First - is this just plug and play on the EU as well? Second - are these or will they become available at a EU located dealer? If I get them shipped from you guys the price nearly...
  18. 2019 Mustang Floor Jack min height?

    Mine is a 2020 but shouldn't be any difference I just measured the hight from floor to pinchweld - 5.9 inches I'll advice you to pick the 3.5 inches one - then you'll also have a little room for a rubber insert so it won't be metal on metal... I did that myself 👍
  19. For those looking for HP wheels....

    @Smunczen Can you reveal the ET value on the rims? Both front and rear? Apparently they don't know it on their own product when asked :crackup: