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  1. Cranking Times For Those That Keep Their Car Outside

    Cars cranking over slower with cold batteries is nothing new. As is the case with most chemical reactions, the cold slows everything down. Why do you think they rate batteries by Cold Cranking Amps.
  2. Battery tender use/question

    I've been using the same Battery Tender for about 20 years now like this one...
  3. How long does your battery maintain a charge?

    I wouldn't say the factory battery is junk. Mine lasted over 4 years before being replaced. That being said, cold temperatures definitely impact the CCA available, especially if you are not keeping the battery charged.
  4. The American Addiction to Speeding

    You should look into Waze. Also having driven from Atlanta to Detroit at least twice a year for the past 35 years, is avoidance of tickets why most people in OH drive so slow in the left lane? Is I-75 patrolled that much? From my experience it doesn't seem so compared to any other random...
  5. Apple CarPlay and Waze

    I finally updated SYNC 3 and am now able to use Apple CarPlay. When I begin a route in Waze it will set the starting point to my home location no matter where I am actually located. Anybody have a solution?
  6. rear map pocket for driver's seat?

    Maps? People in the back seat? What?
  7. Phone Mount Options

    There is a long thread on this site about this subject. I remember responding to it. Try searching here. I put my phone in the door pocket.
  8. Anybody bored with their car?

    I never get tired of the GT, and it will be a bittersweet day when I trade it in on a the new Z06. If I have room I will keep it just so I can row through the gears every now and then.
  9. Jacking rails, yes or no?

    I got the BMR full length rails and love them. I was so used to jacking up one side of the race car at a time that I could not think of not doing the same thing on the Mustang.
  10. Thoughts on the 2023 Z06?

    I will get the Z07 after it has been out for 2-3 years. By then I will be retired and not traveling. It will probably be the last sports car I buy.
  11. Ford Wants To Suck More People Into 84-Month Loans

    This article is based on false logic. The author describes how Ford is offering long term 0% loans which he claims are bad, then concludes with an example using 60 months at 6.9%. Not the sharpest tool in the shed. $0 down, 0%? Hell yeah, and the longer the better. I make money using Ford...
  12. Coolest job you ever had?

    I graduated high school early and worked as a mechanic at a Yamaha dealership before starting college. Best 6 months a kid could have.
  13. How to fix hanger that holds muffler

    Something is not right, and look at the size of that booger weld.
  14. How to Listen to Your Favorite Songs?

    What are you recording from, CD's? If so, simply copy them from the CD to the USB thumb drive.
  15. Where did all the corn go

    There is not a station within 10 miles of me that sells it, and I live in a county that has a population of over 750k .
  16. Warranty service appointment more than a month out?

    Or goods oriented. Most of all the equipment I sell has longer lead times now due to lack of employees at our plants, or our vendor's plants.
  17. Palm Coast and surrounding areas

    I plan to move there one day. We vacation at least twice a year at Hammock.
  18. Texas Borla S-Type Axleback Exhaust System (Black Single Tips)

    They look loud, but nothing like the Borla S-type AB's I am familiar with. It looks like it was welded up from bits and pieces. Is this something the muffler shop made for you?
  19. General Top Down Question

    Our Jeep doesn't have a top to put up, or doors for that matter. 😄