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  1. Fitment Question

    Agree with the above...
  2. Non staggered tires on staggered alloys

    I'd recommend a 265/40 on all four if you can find a decent deal on those since they're a bit of an odd size.
  3. Can I run 305 r35 20 in rear

    Yeah, don't do 305 on a 10" wheel. Definitely look into getting a wider wheels for that.
  4. Autocross/daily driver questions

    Vorshlag website has the rates for the Bilsteins (see below). They're progressive springs, but the rates go fairly high on the front and seem to work pretty well for me on autocross, yet comfortable for a daily. Bilstein PSS10 with Camber Plates for S550 Mustang - Vorshlag (
  5. Autocross/daily driver questions

    I would suggest to take a look at the Bilstein B16 coil overs as a good option for autocross and daily. I am no autocross expert, have less than 10 events under my belt, but I can’t complain about their behavior. There’s minimal dive or body roll on the stiffest settings and it’s quite...
  6. Spring spacer install?

    Yes, there are special spacers for the rear and for the front. The front spacers are here: Steeda 555 8254 Mustang Front Ride Height Spacer Kit (15-21) The rears are here: Steeda 555 8251 Mustang Billet Rear Spring Spacer 1/4" (15-21) You'd need the 1/4" inch for the rear to increase the...
  7. Spring spacer install?

    I don't have a "before" pic, but I've used the spacer on the front and the rear after my coil-over install. It's a 1:1 increase for the front I think and a 1:2 for the rear. So just eyeball approximately how much you want to increase the height and go from there to select the right height spacer.
  8. Wondering about base model with pp parts

    A base 2019 GT would not come with those parts. Perhaps the California special does, but definitely not the base. I have the base as well and upgraded those parts.
  9. California WTB Steeda Suspension Parts

    Looks like you can buy the spacers and the washers from Steeda for $50 or try to source them from a Home Depot. Steeda 555 4446 Mustang Hardware kit for 555-4443 kit (15-21)
  10. California WTB Steeda Suspension Parts

    I have the Steeda black differential bushings and the differential bolt upgrade kit. Steeda 555 4448 Differential Bushing Bolt Upgrade Kit - 12.9 Hardware (15-21) Steeda 555 4443 Mustang GT/Ecoboost/V6 Adjustable Differential Bushing Insert System - Urethane (15-21) But the bushing insert...
  11. Insurance Premiums

    I'd recommend looking into Haggerty insurance if you have a different daily car/beater and put low miles on the Mustang. I'm 35 in SoCal paying about $70 a month. Haven't used them yet, but they seem like a big/reliable company.
  12. Belt Replacement

    Yes, belts should be replaced. I replaced mine on my daily at around 100k, but was told that I should have done it sooner. It was fairly easy on my daily driver, so probably isn't much more difficult on the Mustang.
  13. Tire Review Recommendations?

    Maybe something like a GoodYear SC3 would be a good choice from what I read about it. Seems to be a good compromise for track and street and is a bit faster than Michellin PS4s.
  14. Tire Review Recommendations?

    Another thing to consider with high performance summer tires is that they will kick up a lot of rocks and also can heat cycle out. So, I think many on here would agree, that it's not a very good idea to run a very sticky tire on a street. For example, I have Bridgestone RE-71Rs as my track...
  15. New brakes

    There's always an option for buying the 6 piston front Brembos and rotors for around $600 on eBay from a donor performance pack car.
  16. Need help with dashcam install.

    I don't know if it's an option for you, but I have my dashcam plugged into the rearview mirror. It's the simplest and cleanest look that I can think of. Just need a small 12v to 5v converter with the wires like the one below: SimpleUSBCable 12V to MiniUSB Two-Prong Universal...
  17. recommended full synthetic engine oils

    Pennzoil ultra platinum seems to be the best bang for the buck and that's what I use.
  18. Possible to run 20x10,5 ET35 Square? 2018 GT with Magneride

    agree with the above... 10.5 ET35 will not fit. May fit with a 5mm spacer upfront, but will be very close to the strut.
  19. 6spd manual durability

    Based on the 4 or 5 manual cars I've owned over the years, the Mustang manual is perfectly fine. Absolutely zero issues with it. It's actually very smooth and enjoyable. No issues with missed shifts, but I think they fixed some of that on the 2018+ cars.
  20. Nissan's "new" Z/Z400

    Haha, I actually have 2 car seats in mine. The kids fit just fine in there.