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  1. Mishimoto Intercooler Impressions

    It gives me a reminder to follow up with later to see if there are still untrue statements being said about my company. Great way to keep track for later use if need be.
  2. Mishimoto Intercooler Impressions

    :headbonk: Guess the OEM Ford tune and the Ford FRPP tune is unsafe as well, you know seeing as Ford has the most engine failures.
  3. Yet Another Gem From Tune+

    That was actually someone else, they are on here too. GTE. He signed a wavier for me to only modify my tune to have no torque limits after that I told him I was done because he was going to purposely blow his engine. This is a differnt person. HAHA, right!? Ken's car ate 2 headgaskets...
  4. Yet Another Gem From Tune+

    It wasn't a fact of making things right, it was making sure a customer that spent money with us was happy. I was not obligated to offer to fix his vehicle for free (labor), instead I wanted to just to make sure the customer was happy. This was even after I saw his datalogs... Anyone else...
  5. ATM no longer exists???

    Well, I mean, you worked out a deal with them to purchase the company so how should we like it ;).
  6. Yet Another Gem From Tune+

    Just FYI, this is a Focus RS customer that is only here to slander my business. Just more for me to document.
  7. Yet Another Gem From Tune+

    Oh yea? Who would that be seeing as all engines are accounted for and each customer is surely happy.
  8. Yet Another Gem From Tune+

    Incorrect. MAP's facility is used but we have our engines built by one of our own.
  9. Yet Another Gem From Tune+

    Another gem from Ron Henry a self proclaimed tuning expert, now an engine building expert. This post is going to address two issues which will be outlined separately. First Issue: Headgasket retaining rivets (actually not a rivet at all in fact it is a dimple die added to hold the headgasket...
  10. Adam telling people all EB engines built prior to 5/15 are problematic

    V3 block - Rougher and Darker Casting, provisions on block have changed, and uses rivets for oil galleys V5 Block (Latest) - Smoother Casting, Different Provisions, Different Casting Marks, Different Final Machining, and threaded oil galleys. We have measured the bore of both the...
  11. Adam telling people all EB engines built prior to 5/15 are problematic

    Easy to have the better rate when you have 20 customers instead of 3000.
  12. Adam telling people all EB engines built prior to 5/15 are problematic

    So, I love where your head was at when you woke up at 7:17a.m. and posted this. However next time I would appreciate it if you spent a little more time on the subject before making a similar post. This doesn't do anything but cause another thread for regurgitated information to be posted and...
  13. TUNE+: Review Thread and Tuning Information

    You can run the stock tune with our actuator we just don't recommend beating on it until you put the tune back on. The actuator is an easy install so if you are worried about it I would take it off before going into the dealer. They do have a PDF they provide the techs at FORD that show to look...
  14. Mods to run 11.50ET 0n 92 Octain Fuel

    28" as listed above, we run 17's.
  15. Mods to run 11.50ET 0n 92 Octain Fuel

    11.50's on 92oct, sure it is possible, if you also add E85 to it to make E30 ;) We have went [email protected] with the following: Auto - 3.55 gears 28" ET Street R Drag Radials MAP 3" Downpipe - Stock Exhaust Stock Intake w/ Airaid Inlet and Green Filter ATM Intercooler E30 fuel (93oct mixed with...

    We are going to look into putting a line discount to offset tax on all Texas customers ;).
  17. VTT Stage 2 Twin Scroll results, FINALLY!!

    You won't be able to make that power on 93oct. The most it will see safely/reliably without knocking is about 370-380.
  18. VTT Stage 2 Twin Scroll results, FINALLY!!

    I am not sure which graph we are looking at, maybe the one from the front page. That was my car I believe which was limiting spool so not a GREAT comparison but I will say the following. Based on the Twin Scroll VS2 I have been selling and tuning, they spool near exactly the same, however...
  19. VTT Twin Scroll Stage 2 runs 10.64 ET 127MPH 1/4 Mile

    Not yet, waiting on a few things from Cobb.