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  1. Well this will break some hearts.

    Indeed I do. So were 2003 Terninators, of which I had 3. Out of the box, one of those will barely keep up with an EB if at all. Trade in the factory Eaton 1.8 for a Whipple 2.3 and presto...200 extra wheel hp and bye bye EB. So, yeah, they have inexpensive supercharger kits that will make you...
  2. Well this will break some hearts.

    You realize they have relatively inexpensive supercharger kits to deal with annoying little German buzz bombs, dont you?
  3. Purchase dilemma

    Save the 17k and put it toward a forced induction system of whatever kind you prefer. I looked for something like what I got for a couple of years before one came along at a good price, as in, the blower, water injector and pump booster were essentially free. Heckuva lot cheaper than seat...
  4. Cranking Times For Those That Keep Their Car Outside

    You guys don't have the frame of reference of having to start a carbureted car in sub zero 2 to 4 seconds of cranking would be considered a miracle. Gasoline just doesn't vaporize well in the freezing cold.
  5. Traction control experience with the new Supercharger.

    If some of y'all want to do burnouts or smokin donuts as a reason to disconnect the traction control, more power to you. My complaint with it is its unpredictable. I've had it cut in at weird times leaving me unable to accelerate normally, and at other times lag the throttle and then drop the...
  6. Traction control experience with the new Supercharger.

    Super! Thanks! Something to try today.:thumbsdown::thumbsup::thumbsup: The thumbs down was a mistake. I can't figure out how to delete it from my phone web page. Supposed to be all thumbs up.
  7. Traction control experience with the new Supercharger.

    Did you mean the connector in the middle of the oic, to the right of the air cleaner box hold-down bolt? I found a post on the GT350 part of the forum with someone's centri charged car showing the connector, but it wasn't clear to me whether the poster meant this thing. I have a VMP Gen 2, but...
  8. Traction control experience with the new Supercharger.

    How did you shut off the traction control under the hood. Heck I still haven't figured out drive by wire throttle. Its squirrelly.
  9. Florida seeks to make street takeovers, car stunts illegal

    Well, heck. Looks like i just need to stay home this weekend. The haters will stop laughing at Florida when De Santis get elected president.
  10. So a Twister Orange GT is a PoPo magnet for sure!

    A lot of gray hair will solve your police problem. Give it 30 years or
  11. Stupid question prolly, but Eli5: how is the c8 so fast when it's only got a bit more power than a 5.0 and weighs more?

    C8 is quite a subject on the old guy (C1, C2) part of the Corvette forum. Its about split between the likes and the hates. A few of us think the C8 engineering has no equal in the car world, but damn, it's FUGLY! Which is why we drive more reasonable looking things like 6G Mustangs,.....and C2s.
  12. Delete spare tire/wheel?

    Depends where you do a lot of driving. If you've ever been in South Texas near the border with Mexico, you know its pretty remote. You can be 50 miles or more from any kind of service. I dont even like mini donut spares around that area. In Houston, I wouldn't worry about having a spare.
  13. Oil pressure after Roush Phase 2 install

    Your new pump gears probably fit tighter in the pump housing. If you didn't change the pressure relief spring, I wouldn't worry about it.
  14. Top trouble

    Yes, it sure is. As long as you can pull it closed to operate the latch, you're good. Believe me, it used to be a lot worse with vinyl convertible tops.
  15. Custom plates, let's see them!

    I had a similar plate on an '01 GT in Texas a long time ago. The Florida version is a lot more appropriate for a 'Stang.
  16. So a stock GT350/GT350R is too loud for Florida? Wtf?

    Interesting. They've been out in force for the last couple of days on Tampa Rd./Hillsborough Ave., both Pinellas and Hillsborough county SDs. To be fair, I haven't found Florida law enforcement to be very strict about speeding violations on major roads. Can't tell you the number of times I've...
  17. So a stock GT350/GT350R is too loud for Florida? Wtf?

    ^^^^^ That about sums it up. There are so many rice burners around the Tampa area with obnoxious "fart can" exhaust, and so many cars and trucks that have taken cats off (yes you can smell those a mile away) that sometimes you're just in the wrong place at the wrong time for not even as big an...
  18. Anyone else get an email from Ford today?

    When Ford sends me an email about a newly restored '63 Falcon convertible with a 5 speed and a Cleveland 351, I'll go visit. Otherwise they'll never get me in a new car.
  19. Caliper paint color ideas

    I'm still trying to figure out at what point in time calipers became a fashion statement instead of just plain brakes. They get loads of brake dust on 'em. What else is there beside black or natural finish?
  20. Challenge: reduce revs for that first 20 sec of startup?

    Finally someone explained it. I couldn't get a good answer from several tuners about the fast idle at cold start up. The ol Terminator would throttle down to 750 rpm after just 10 to 15 secs, and cols start idle was 1000. This car took some getting used to.