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  1. Mods on Active Exhaust?

    Steeda H pipe really brought mine to life. Get compliments on the sound all the time
  2. Is this an exhaust leak? You tell me

    I had my Steeda H pipe welded in. Didn’t want to deal with clamps possibly loosening. My performance exhaust shop said he has seen his fair share of loosening clamps.
  3. How much life did you get out of the stock P Zero summers?

    No I have the factory P- zeros on there but the rears will be toast soon so I will be changing to the Michelin all season 4
  4. How much life did you get out of the stock P Zero summers?

    I have 8k on my 21’ PP P Zeros and the rears are very close to needing changed. I’ve never did a burnout or any forced wheel spinning and they still didn’t last. Now the chip sealed roads here in north Texas are extremely rough and prob contributing to the quick wear. Will be changing to...
  5. Active Exhaust Question

    I have a 21 with active exhaust. I went with the Steeda H pipe. Wish I did it sooner! Really wakes her up. Welded in
  6. How did you spend this freezing winter day?

    Trying to keep my p-zeros stuck to the road ! Cold and extremely windy here in N Texas.

    I have them in my 21’ PP1 and love them. They hold you snug and have amazing leg support.
  8. Any active duty Navy here?

    My advice would be to join the Marines instead….. :wink: Semper Fi 0331
  9. Window Sticker

    I’d appreciate if you could research 1FA6P8CF0M5109500 for me. Id love to know my blend date . Thanks Semper Fi
  10. plastic rivets

    American Muscle sells them, just go to website and search mustang front fender rivets. There’s a few different kinds to choose from depending on which you need.
  11. 2018 gt a10 gear drive whine?

    My 21’ PP does it. I call it my own little supercharger sound ….:wink:
  12. 21’ GT PP1

    21’ GT PP1

  13. VLAND/Renegade taillights 2021

    VLand clear on 2021. Diode Dynamics clear side markers.
  14. Favorite song chime turn off

    Is there a way to turn off the audible notification for a favorite song ? I know you can totally disable the notification altogether but I was was wondering about just the audible chime and keep the pop up notification on screen? thanks
  15. Cold Start Madness thread

    2021 PP1 Stock Active exhaust and Steeda H pipe.
  16. Clear VLand Taillights

    Yeah mine are recessed a bit on top but my factory ones were about the same .It’s the only lines that are a bit off on my car . All the rest of my panels are straight and even but top inside corners of tailights are recessed a bit, not bad for a Flat Rock mustang ! Some I’ve seen on lots with...
  17. Diode Dynamics LED Side Marker

    Diode Dynamics on sale today
  18. Diode Dynamics LED Side Marker

    I have them and they are perfect. I found it better to lay under car so I could see the release tab for the light. I did notice the wire/ connector isn’t very long from car. Maybe it’s just my car but there is not much slack to work with.