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  1. Ordered cars

    Yeah they gave me that and the 1.9 percent for 60 mo. no questions asked.
  2. Ordered cars

    That was the earliest they could get me in on an appt. Was a smooth process once I went to pick the car up.
  3. Ordered cars

    That looks classy!
  4. Ordered cars

    Ordered - 6/19/21 In Production - 9/24/21 Built - 9/25/21 Shipped - 10/6/21 Delivered to Dealership - 10/20/21 Took Delivery - 10/22/21 Overall, a day or two over 4 months. Dealership was nothing but great to work with. They even matched Flood Ford's Warranty pricing for the PremiumCare plan...
  5. Ordered cars

    Here are some shots. Didn't get a shot of the interior but it is absolutely gorgeous. Even the active exhaust package on the EB makes the car growl like a Bobcat.
  6. Ordered cars

    Took delivery of my car yesterday. What a great color combination. Took a risk on te Rapid Red / Showstopper Red Interiror w/ Black Accent package. Car looks mean as hell. Will be posting pictures when I get a chance to take them.
  7. Ordered cars

    Currently waiting on my car to get shipped up. It is stuck at Twin Oaks PA Rail Yard. Should hopefully be moving soon.
  8. Ordered cars

    Car is now on it's way. Should be at the dealership on the 17th the latest.
  9. Ordered cars

    My order seems to be moving along swiftly. Can't wait to get this car in.
  10. Ordered cars

    Looks great! Glad I ordered that combination of interior and exterior. I think the Blacktop package I ordered will make it look pretty nice too. I loved the retro styling of the rims on that package.
  11. Ordered cars

    Thanks all, just got the tentative build week. Week of Sept 13th. Lets see if it gets moved beyond that.
  12. Ordered cars

    Appreciate the responses. Will give Ford Performance a call as I have not tried them yet.
  13. Ordered cars

    Hey all. Ordered my Mustang on June 19th, Got my VIN a few weeks later. Since then I have been sitting with no build date. I tried calling my dealership and they said they have no info on when it will be built. Calling Ford Customer Care recommended me to reach out to sales team at the...