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  1. Another 2020 engine failure

    LoL... That's the same guy that worked on mine... Too Funny...
  2. Tune for Road Course

    There are lot of after market trans cooler on the market now for the A10. With this one I have it now, it never goes above 210 degrees, Stays in the 200 to 210 trans temp, in 100+ temp days...
  3. Tune for Road Course

    I just tried the link and it worked for me... Search this forum for, "Trans cooler setup"
  4. Tune for Road Course

    Hi Twizzy, Sorry it took so long to get back to you. I had the same issues with my A10 as you are having, overheating. I made a trans cooler set up that you can see the below link. After doing the...
  5. 18+ GT Performance Tune Pac

    PM Sent, Could you send me a code too? Thanks.
  6. Tune for Road Course

    Thug, I was looking at the Ford tune, The only thing that scares me is it is legal in California... LoL...
  7. Tune for Road Course

    Hi Luc, I do not have the Racing Seat, But I do have all the other you listed. I am looking for a tune, Everyone states they have the best tune for the 2018, just would like to see what other people think.
  8. Tune for Road Course

    Hi, I was wondering what kind of tune to use on a track car? I have added a Roush air box and removed the resonator, other than that the motor is stock, no tune yet. Most of the tunes I have been looking at are for 1/4 mile stuff, so I was just wondering what you use. I do not drive my car on...
  9. Automatic or Manual

    Bobn57 Nice 68', I had a 67' fastback when I was a teenager, 302, dual quad tunnel ram, 5.13's, doing 11.90's at LIONS drag strip.... Yes, LIONS drag strip, for all us Fossils out there. Love to know how you progress with it, as you go along.
  10. Automatic or Manual

    Well here is my 2cents, I love my A10, its the best. I do not drive my car on the streets anymore, just the track and the A10 is flawless. Other than cooling it has been great, I have added an external cooler and no more issues. With everything that is going on around you on the track the clutch...
  11. 10R80 on the curvy (road race) track

    Nice, Very Nice
  12. 10R80 on the curvy (road race) track

    Ok took me a minute, But... Here is the link, This Stacked plate type has better cooling characteristics. Derale makes lots of...
  13. 10R80 on the curvy (road race) track

    Hi Again, well I finally got the car to the track on a 95 degree day and did not have the trans overheat, not even got close. The max trans temp I hit was 210 degree, but would settle back to 200 degree for the rest of the half hour run, I would say that the 25 core Derale cooler inline with the...
  14. 2018 10R80 Dipstick

    At this time here in Denver we have a stay at home order so pictures of my dipstick install will take a while as my car is at our shop. But, I talked to a guy that used the B&M 10R80 dipstick on his mustang and he routed the tube/hose over the top of the trans to the driver side of the engine...
  15. 2018 10R80 Dipstick

    Well I ordered the B&M dipstick for my 2018 PP1, the real issue is that the hose/tube is to long and there is really no way to shorten it, so I returned it. I built my own and it works great, the best part is that I can easily add fluid as needed, if needed. I will be posting pictures of it once...
  16. 2018 10R80 Dipstick

    Has anyone tried the B&M Locking Transmission Dipstick on there Mustang 10R80 B&M/Holley states that it if for the F150, But....
  17. Ford Performance Track Handling Pack

    If you are Tracking your car, than yes the Ford Track Package is great to have. If NOT going to track on a regular basis, than No, It is a little stiff for a daily driver.
  18. 10R80 on the curvy (road race) track

    Also Last summer I did a lot brake cooling testing and this set up works great for me. I opened the backing plate and made larger Brake Diverters, as well as 2 piece rotors and now I have no more front brake over heating issues
  19. 10R80 on the curvy (road race) track

    This is what I have done while waiting for the snow to melt. I installed 24 row cooler inline with the OEM trans cooler.
  20. 10R80 on the curvy (road race) track

    I agree, Heat soaking is definitely an issue as well. I found that cool down laps, or time, definitely helps.