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  1. California 2016 California Special OEM wheels

    Bump for price drop
  2. California 2016 Mustang GT PP Manual…….Highly Modified

    Beautiful car, seen it in person. Dave works on my cars, you will not be disappointed.
  3. 2018 back to 2016 intake manifold

    They have both the 2018 and 2016
  4. 2018 back to 2016 intake manifold

    Yes unfortunately I had the Ford Power Pack 2 first, it was a small shop, they never saved the stock tune, I went right from the Power Pack 2 tune to the 2018 intake PBD tune.
  5. 2018 back to 2016 intake manifold

    Hello, wanted to see if anyone had any helpful info, I just sold my 2016 Mustang GT to the dealership, they are having trouble with it get codes not running right. The only engine mods I had done was swapping out the 2016 intake manifold for a 2018 intake manifold (with IMRC lockout) and had a...
  6. Vroom is asking less than they paid me !

    I hope you're right, I got in at $13, I've almost sold a few times.
  7. California 2.9 Gen 3 Whipple Head Unit

    Sale Pending!
  8. California 2.9 Gen 3 Whipple Head Unit

    Bump for new photos of the rotors
  9. Brand New Apex Rear Red Calipers Covers

    Selling brand new red Apex Gen III rear red calipers covers. Just purchased a few weeks ago to match my bullitt red front brembo calipers and ended up selling the car. $120 plus free shipping.
  10. Sto n sho license plate bracket for Mustang California Special 2016-2017

    I'm selling my 2016-2017 Mustang CA Special bracket. It was only installed on the car for about a month because I just sold the car. Installs in minutes, comes with all the hardware. $60.
  11. Tire recommendation for my Mustang GT 2018

    Michelin Pilot PS4's
  12. California 2.9 Gen 3 Whipple Head Unit

    Lowered price