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  1. Vargas turbo stage 2 and other goodies part out

    Bump Just wanted to update a few of the items. Pending for sale.
  2. Vargas turbo stage 2 and other goodies part out

    Sorry man, $90 is as low as I’d like to go.
  3. Vargas turbo stage 2 and other goodies part out

    Hey guys parting out my ecoboost I’m selling everything listed below: Vargas Stage 2 turbo w/turbosmart wastegate - $1600 (obo) Sold!! (One exhaust stud missing can be transferred from stock turbo) Purchased Feb 2017 still under warranty Map street intercooler- $400 sold! ATP Catless 3”...
  4. Sputtering and Hesitation WOT/Spark Plugs??

    If you already changed plugs next step is checking fuel delivery, either too much or too little. I know with Cobb you can monitor fuel injector load and fuel pump stuff through datalogs. Maybe your tuner can give you an idea before you start replacing parts.
  5. it appears my a/c isn't working

    Mine started blowing hot air about a week ago. I'm scheduled to go in on 27th to fix it. So we'll see what they say.
  6. Have you blown an engine? If so, what rod (cylinder) failed?

    Oouuu that spicy thread from way back haha I believe it got locked cause everyone was being so nice to each other. Here's a link for the lazy
  7. Have you blown an engine? If so, what rod (cylinder) failed?

    Maybe you're right Brian it may just be a scam. I just installed a catch can a month ago, during the install I was removing the intake and noticed the fins on the turbo were covered in oil. :/ I disconnected my hot side intercooler piping and oil started leaking from the piping onto the floor...
  8. What is the widest tire size you have used on your S550 Mustang? Share info & images

    Rims are 19x9 front and rear The rears were the biggest I could get for a 9 inch rim Front: 255x40 r19 Rear: 285x35 r19 Front: P-Zero Rear: mickey Thompson
  9. **** Sponsorship Time *** By MRR Design Wheels

    Count me in! :D Car wasn't lowered in this pic
  10. Flowmaster Outlaw axle-back opinions?

    I have one with cat delete, it's pretty dronish but in a cool way. Videos probably wouldn't do it jistice.
  11. Body Roll (Next Step)

    I put SP-083's all around and yes the car felt crazy stiff but the body still had some roll. My PP Eco is a little lighter than your GT so you should be able to feel more of that "anti-roll goodness" once you go that route.
  12. Official 6G Shift knob pics thread

    I've had this for a couple months, love it.
  13. New Head Gasket !!!

    very cool man, JE makes stainless steel gaskets for our engines as well.
  14. First Impressions VTT stage 2

    Ya I got new apartment lol jk But ya tuning is done and I just need to get an appointment with the guys at Performance HQ here in San Antonio. I'll post my results of course and take a video cause everybody likes those. Sorry for the wait.
  15. The LFP 550

    That looks cool but the kit it doesnt mention anything about any fuel upgrades, which I thought were the limiting factor in going past 400whp. Vargas stage 2 TS is good for 550hp as well and just drops in versus having to pay extra for a cool looking exhaust manifold. Even with proper...
  16. Engine blew up

    Completely agree but thats assuming everybody drives and maintains their cars how they're suppose to. One of the guys on here, who had a tuned eco was still running on the stock motorcraft oil :shrug: Just saying some maintenance practices for tuned ecos probably needs to be stated clearly so...
  17. Engine blew up

    There have been idk how many but this guy had a stock mustang from what I can tell.
  18. First Impressions VTT stage 2

    Good to know I was gonna stick with 5,000 intervals until I read this. I'm using dominator 15w50 since I occasionally drive pretty spirited. But I'm starting to think it's a little too overkill, since I remember you mentioning you guys always used amsoil signature 0-40 in most of your setups...
  19. Engine blew up

    Sorry to hear about this man. Just out of curiosity what oil type and weight were you using when you started getting your car tuned till now. Thanks