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  1. "Would you rather.....?" GT350/Shelby owners and their strange sensibilities

    I think if your Gen1 now has a Gen2, you're ahead.
  2. Anyone trade their GT350R for a Cayman GT4?

    Well, the R is in my garage, but I wouldn't take the GT4 knowing the GT4RS is there. The GT4RS, however, has an MSRP not to far from a GT3, so it's way out of the Shelby's league.
  3. GT350 R Splitter

    My R splitter already has some scrapes and I only have 2k miles on it. So I got a new one at a good price and keeping it for a rainy day.
  4. Joined the R club!

    Such a beauty.
  5. 2015 bit the dust

    Such a loss, but someone will fix it. I just hope they fix it well.
  6. Anyone trade their GT350R for a Cayman GT4?

    I have lots of autocross time in both the 718 GT4 (PDK) and my '20 350R. The GT4 is certainly a better AX car, but IMO only because of weight. You are physically closer to the front wheels. That, and the low polar moment, makes the car fell like it is rotating around you. It is intoxicating...
  7. Xpel over matte stripes?

    One major consideration: If you cover the stripes and then try to remove the film, the stripes come off with it. I still covered the stripes.
  8. Documents I should get/keep - GT 350 forever car

    Ford Images (licensed by Ford) will make a framed photo of your car with an engraved plaque of the VIN and your name. They are pricey, but wait for the discount codes. I bought one for my R. They are of very high quality.
  9. Trouble finding oil filter

    Are there any aftermarket cartridges that have a metal frame internally? That would be one to have instead of the 2087.
  10. 2017 engine is being replaced

    My guess is Ford just sends out whatever replacement they have in stock, so they probably have gone through the Gen1 replacements.
  11. My GT350 was harpooned by a kayak paddle

    The other day, I saw a small compact on the freeway. It had a large picture frame tied to the roof. At freeway speed, the frame was lifting significantly, so the passenger SAT on the window ledge and SPLAYED HIS TORSO OVER THE PICTURE FRAME. The frame and the passenger were both lifting up...
  12. 2017 engine is being replaced

    I'm sorry this happened to you. FWIW, it seems that some of the recent replacement engines have been the "KA" code, meaning it is a Gen2 Voodoo.
  13. Bigger wheels explained….

    They're adding camber, too.
  14. 350R Steering Wheel Cover

    Not sure if I could keep my booger hooker out of my nose.
  15. *WANTED* 19-20 GT350R (Orange fury preferred) Wrapper car, low mileage

    ^^^^^^Judging from a recent BAT and eBay sale, six figures could be a "reasonable" price for a '20 R.
  16. GT350R lowered on Steeda 555-8242 springs

    How about 20 inch wheels and keep the ride height stock? You'll close up the fender gap by 1/2". My front spoiler is already scraped up at stock height. Imagine the carnage when lowered.
  17. How many miles can you get street driving cup 2's?

    I doubt I am going to get more than 3k out of my tires because I do so much autocross. LOL
  18. 2020 GT350R sold for $105k!!!!

    What has changed on the 2019/2020? I thought you could just bolt in any rear seats from any 350.
  19. 2020 GT350R sold for $105k!!!!

    Bidding went to $105k, but that figure represents the addition of the BAT buyer's premium.