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  1. Feeler for Twin turbo kit based on ford turbos.

    I have seen the under mount (twins) and rear mount (single) options and both of them make me cringe. I'm lowered on Steeda Linear springs and after seeing those turbos being slightly lower than the car's frame when looked at from the side... That would be one very expensive high-centre oopsie 😬...
  2. Feeler for Twin turbo kit based on ford turbos.

    Hang on... So you mean, literally forward mount! I thought you meant OE location mounting just like SuperSix's adaptor solution. You'll absolutely have to keep me/us in the loop. I'm most certainly interested now to see what you work out.
  3. Feeler for Twin turbo kit based on ford turbos.

    Subbed to this thread. 5K isn't bad for upwards of 600HP with OEM (modded) stuff. Right in Ford GT territory, actually in the way of power output. My reasons for wanting to go with SuperSix's EcoBoost setup is both for aesthetics and ease of power. Turns out there are aftermarket turbos made...
  4. 2015 Mustang V6 Exhaust Sound Clip Thread

    I suggest you start researching Helmholtz Resonance. That's going to be the most effective way to drastically limit the drone. The issue there becomes space because you'll want to put them as close to your seated position in the car as possible for maximum effect. You'll want to tune its length...
  5. Loud screeching/scraping noise from window

    Do you recall what the P/N is? I'm having the same issue :(
  6. Newly lowered seeking advice

    Sorry about that delay! I went ahead and bout them (bumpsteer kit with that arm, the rear toe arms from Whiteline and the rear shock mounts from Steeda) And Midwest put me in T2. So I'm under the impression I can't do too much to the car without risk of being penalized or thrown into another...
  7. Newly lowered seeking advice

    I noticed that. I may build an under tray so long as SCCA doesn't ding me for pts but that air deflector is unfortunately the only one they sell. I guess their mode of thinking is one size fits all so make it for PP equipped cars while making it work for all others. 🤔 But yeah, if the tension...
  8. Newly lowered seeking advice

    Ohh! Thanks for clarifying! And no I don't have a PP model, it's just a base V6
  9. Newly lowered seeking advice

    Ok, so what I'm understanding is go ahead and get this bumpsteer kit with the rods. In that case, are these even necessary; I can do just fine without...
  10. Newly lowered seeking advice

    I saw that one and I've concerns about the heimjoint of the bumpsteer kit. Having had bad experiences with spherical bearings and heimjoints on daily driven car in Missouri (all year round). Do those joints fail prematurely or will they last as long or close to factory components? The other...
  11. Newly lowered seeking advice

    I've just lowered the car using Steeda Ultralite Linear springs with Koni Yellows. (Camber is haggered right now and will be sorted at a later time.) I'm focused on correcting roll centre and bumpsteer. What should I be getting? It would seem that Steeda makes everything needed but trying to...
  12. Looking for exhaust work

    Looking near Wentzville or I'm willing to travel. The local place here tried to price me out of the job and charged me 500usd to put in a crossover pipe and piping from it to the diff. 2k miles later, their rubbish job is falling apart and the crossover is cracked. I literally just need a mid...
  13. Steeda sport or eibach sportline springs?

    What width and offset are you running? I just bought Koni yellows and next I'm wanting Eibach sport springs. I plan to get SVE 500 wheels, 19x11 square or do you recommend another wheel size for track days?
  14. Slotted rotor vendors and pricing

    What purpose do the dimples serve or are those aesthetics?
  15. Slotted rotor vendors and pricing

    Having had my experience with slotted, I know they do actually hold up better than just a plain hunk of metal. I've never liked drilled and there's a reason FIA banned the use of them. My reason for asking about past experiences may have been vague (and the expected answers even more so) So I'll...
  16. Slotted rotor vendors and pricing

    Another place I've not heard of! 290ish usd for all 4 too, nice! Thanks! This site just went on my list!
  17. Slotted rotor vendors and pricing

    Guys! I think I've hit gold! R1concepts has reasonably priced rotors that are slotted only (other options available too) Have any of you dealt with R1Concepts? They're cheap, yeah, but my thinking is it's iron, it shouldn't be too hard to make a quality rotor. Thoughts?
  18. Slotted rotor vendors and pricing

    Could have. But as the chap before you pointed out, stoptec makes exactly what I'm looking for... But at 600 for all four wheels, I feel like I'm backed into a corner and just better off buying a used PP big brake set :/
  19. Slotted rotor vendors and pricing

    Yikes! Almost 600 for just rotors. Ugh, I guess I'm better off just getting second hand PP brakes. This is nuts!