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  1. I just bought a GT350 now what?

    Rock Blockers and PPF Hey man Congrats on the sweet ruby ride ! Consider these mods ? 1) ZL1Addons Rock Blockers 2) XPEL Paint Protective Film on the front end , critical areas 3) Airaid Blue washable air filter 4) Diode Dynamics rear LED marker lights 5) Ford...
  2. My R Journey

    Damn Muligan , your car is awesome !! Really enjoyed your story and especially these pictures . Such a great factory order ! Best of luck ! RushFan
  3. Is my low serial # a big deal ?

    Amen Brother . Spread the Shadow Voodoo throughout the land ....:ninja:
  4. Is my low serial # a big deal ?

    Thanks for the kind words ! It’s actually still kind of odd to see such a low number , after three months of ownership . Most people won’t even notice . But I do find myself looking at other people’s dash plaques now . Best , RushFan :headbang:
  5. Is my low serial # a big deal ?

    Ha ! .... in that case , I’ll take three Ford GT’s , two GT350R’s , and a Raptor . And a nice yacht with a helicopter on it .
  6. Is my low serial # a big deal ?

    Well said ! Man , I’m getting jealous of everyone around here having an R !! The only 350R’s around me were $20K over MSRP . Wouldn’t even consider it .
  7. Is my low serial # a big deal ?

    McCarthy Ford in North Riverside . They were awesome to work with ! Great guys over there . The owners , sales reps , service people are all very helpful and willing to make a deal happen to move product . I couldn’t tell you how many dealers I talked to , and was given an attitude when I...
  8. Is my low serial # a big deal ?

    Some thoughts ... Very true . LOVE to be the first owner of one of these special vehicles . It is a great experience . I feel like a celebrity everywhere I go with it , especially the dealership . A thought occurred to me about the low production number . I may be reaching here , but...
  9. Is my low serial # a big deal ?

    Yep that’s a good way of looking at it . I doubt I’d pay extra for special serial number - I wouldn’t even entertain paying over MSRP , some dealers in my area were still asking over MSRP - for ‘17’s - and I paid invoice for my 18 . You can pick a special VIN when ordering a 2019 ZR1 , for an...
  10. Is my low serial # a big deal ?

    Fellow enthusiasts ! , Is owning #J0004 a big deal ? - or just a cool factoid ... I was talking to a guy at Ford Performance and he said my GT350 #J0004 could be the first stripeless Shadow Black off the line for 2018 , built 9/27/17. ( they can’t say for sure until the stats...
  11. Enjoying my morning coffee

    Hey how do I get on the mug list ?! RushFan
  12. Selling my GT350

    Just curious ... If I may ask , why are you getting rid of your Shadow Black ‘17 ? ... Trading it in for something else ? Also , what did they give you for it ? .... I’m just asking because I’m also from Chicagoland and mine is an ‘18 Shadow Black . Just curious , RushFan :headbang:
  13. Tech Pack vs Convenience Pack?

    Question : How will you use your GT350 ... Ok it’s like this ... Nobody can tell you which seats are a better choice for you ( and your wife ) . You have to go out and sit in them . If you are a bigger guy , the cloth Recaros of the electronics package will not be a good fit . They sit...
  14. 2018 Shelby GT350/R Order Guide

    I think there are less hard plastic surfaces on the interior door skins and dash as well .
  15. My 2018 GrayBush

    Cherish Your Stripe Delete !! Welcome to the club Dude ! ( both the ownership and stripe delete club ! ) I have a Black ‘18 GT350 with no stripes and I seriously love it that way . It was actually harder to find ‘ no stripers ‘ in my area . Our cars are not like most , It makes for...
  16. Good price for 18 GT350??

    Thanks ! No fresh music from the Canadian Trio is killing me slowly . As a lifelong fan , right when I couldn’t take it any longer , RUSH would unveil a new album , and it was a ‘prize every time ....’ Sucks getting older ..... but HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!
  17. Good price for 18 GT350??

    That’s like my deal . On January 25th, I paid that as well for my ‘18 GT350 . Right around invoice. They say prices will go back up as the weather turns nice . Good Luck ! RushFan
  18. GT350 Preferred Chicagoland Service Dept. ?

    Thanks ! Thanks Shocker ! It’s funny because I just visited Rod Baker’s parts department . I bought my Ford Performance oil separators there , and they gave me a 2018 FPP catalog when I picked up the parts . Not too far from my area ( Lemont ) . I appreciate the heads up - I’ll give...
  19. GT350 Preferred Chicagoland Service Dept. ?

    Aw man ... not one reply for the preferred GT350 Ford Service Department in Chicagoland ?
  20. GT350 Preferred Chicagoland Service Dept. ?

    Hey there fellow GT350 enthusiasts ! I’m looking to establish a working relationship with a good Ford certified GT350 service department that is set up for our needs . I’d love to hear some recommendations , referrals , Service experiences , etc . Im hoping you guys can send me in the...