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  1. Help us save our dog

    I’m so happy to hear your babies surgery went well. My dog didn’t make it to his surgery date. He got really bad and biopsy showed cancer in his liver as well as the spleen. We had him put down Wednesday. Hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.
  2. Help us save our dog

    Really sorry to hear this. She looks so sweet. Our dog, a Papillon herniated a disc in his back about 8 years ago doing a stoppie chasing his ball. His back legs weren’t working and our vet put him on a course of Prednisone and his back end function came back. It has a powerful anti inflammatory...
  3. Motor Trend Test 2020 Corvette C8, 0-60MPH in 3.17 seconds (Video)

    Yep, it does sound pretty crummy. If they do a flat plane crank Z06, it should fix that.
  4. Don’t Park Your Mustang Behind a Mercedes

    lol, crazy chick....
  5. C8 Z06

    Flat plane crank.....
  6. GT350 New GT350 car cover, air filter and drain plugs.

    Forgot all about this. Ran into a local guy and sold it.
  7. Sold it

    I had to log in for this thread. Haven’t been on here for some time since selling my GT350 and getting my Porsche 718 Cayman. I totally get the small car thing. The most fun car I ever had the pleasure of owning was a Suzuki Swift GT, absolute blast to drive. I’ve been tempted many times to...
  8. See what happens to a GT350 driven in the N.E. during the winter.

    Don't tailgate on the street, and at the track, you're driving a GT350, you should be the lead dog.
  9. Moved on no more skin in the game!

    Good luck with the surgery and congrats on that new Raptor.
  10. No Shifter

    How about the electric shaver in the new 2019 Porsche 911?
  11. Official 2020 GT500 brochure!

    Tremec specs the DCT at 664 ft lbs.
  12. Extended Warranty Refunds

    Thanks for the replies. I got the warranty from an online dealer that was pretty popular here on the forum. I submitted all the documents about a week after my GT350 was sold and the dealership responded within a few days saying they received the documents and submitted the request and that it...
  13. Extended Warranty Refunds

    Anyone sold or traded their car and sought a refund for the extended warranty? How long did it take to get a refund?
  14. So sad we can't trust dealers with our cars, this happened to me..

    You're a really good guy. Warms my heart to see there are still good people in the world.
  15. Why did you sell your GT350?

    I think KBB instant cash offer is very dependent on location and time of the year. I ran my 350 through KBB in May and they offered 52k. I did it again in July and the offer dropped to 51k. Mileage hadn't changed much at that point. Did it again in September and they offered $48,600. It's just a...
  16. Tired of waiting for the GT500

    I think 50k ADM's will be commonplace.
  17. Ford Getting Ready to Cut Jobs

    Ford Europe 7 billion dollar negative....
  18. Vibration between 50 & 70 mph

    I did the opposite of what you did. I bought a 15 WRX in spring of 14. Nice car, just wasn't fast enough for me. Traded it on a 15 GT and that was a big mistake. The Mustang was beautiful to look at but turned out to be a big turd.
  19. Replaced Voodoo Engine

    The average Ford dealership ain't too sharp.