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  1. I feel like a celebrity in this car.

    I got my car a week ago my son was on Spring Break... He has no idea that I got it... He had no idea that I was even seriously thinking about buying a Mustang... We talked about how cool they are... I asked him if I ever got in a couple of years what color does he think I should get... He said...
  2. The Problem With Being an S550 Owner

    At 45 I'm glad to finally define myself.... Thanks fellas!!! I'm a Dallas Cowboys hick fan & I'm loving it... Not having pretense is a freeing experience... BTW my Ford rep is a brother of color & hosts track days every month.... I'm winning 'Murican style.... Damn the haters, move over I'm...
  3. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Yesterday, I went to Big Worm Graphics to purchase my light kit... I asked them how much for the install and David the owner said something as illusive as Sasquatch, his reply was its FREE!!!! Wow... Buy a product and they install for FREE what a novel concept... Looks awesome and the quality of...
  4. Door ding protection.

    This may sound crazy but it works.... Take an inflatable pool raft get two ropes hang it horizontal from your garage ceiling, it's not static, meaning you can push it out of the way for getting in and out of your car. Very simple andvery effective... I got the idea when I was thinking about how...
  5. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    After a long 10 week wait, I finally picked up my Magnetic GT PP... It rained 2 inches today, but I didn't care. I'm am more impressed by far than what I could have even imagined... This car is going to give me many miles of 'Murican fun...
  6. Strongest 435HP I've ever experienced

    Roof wrap and side view mirror caps Your car looks outstanding do you mind sharing, the roof wrap and side view mirror caps.... Do you mind sharing what you paid? Wow!!!:ford::first:
  7. Anyone dislike to Roush Axleback?

    Where can I find the quad tips??? They aren't on the website... Those I'm very interested in!
  8. Project Epona

    What color Plastidip did you go with? Did you gloss it? It doesn't look like??? One magnificent Magnetic!
  9. Diode Dynamics, which package

    These are the "switchbacks" good clean look!
  10. Diode Dynamics, which package

    Just ordered... Thanks for the help! They were out of the switchbacks.
  11. Diode Dynamics, which package

    SVTFreak, So I'm assuming that the cool whites are the ones im seeing in all the photos I've seen... Do you have the switchbacks? Thanks!
  12. Diode Dynamics, which package

    I'm ready to order the full package.... What vendor? What color? I've seen many great photos of what I'm looking for, but I dony know what to order??? Any help is greatly appreciated.... Thank you in advance!
  13. It's Happening...

    Awesome Jess... Enjoy your ride & happy motoring!
  14. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    You're right the more receipts the better.... I haven't had anybody change my own oil in years & when I buy oil it's usually a couple of cases at a time. I don't save those receipts. What I do save are all service/shop receipts including mods, along with all original parts.(I keep a small...
  15. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Keep a durable piece of cardboard in your owners manual and log dates, mileage, oil type etc...
  16. Plasti Dip black accented with red (chin, grill and sides)

    Job well done... Weren't you at cars and coffee this month?
  17. How much for a roof wrap?

    I'm not a stripe guy, but I do like contrast..... Black PP wheels, black roof and black caps on the side view mirrors.... Also tint the rear lights and blackout the badges... I'll have my car in 3 weeks and I'm going nuts!!!! Ready to roll...
  18. Plasti Dip black accented with red (chin, grill and sides)

    Who in Dallas did your red... I'm looking for some black work???
  19. How much for a roof wrap?

    Just kicking around some ideas....... Any idea or range $$$ price wise, for only a roof wrap?