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  1. Maryland DSS CF DS for MT82 - $700

    Price dropped to $700.
  2. MaxJax Lift Post Spacing

    This is the new version that bendpak reworked. I used the normal anchors. No issues with leaks or uneven lifting. I had one fitting leak when I first hooked it up, snugged it down and dry ever since.
  3. TR6060 Swap Guide

    From what I read in the T56 swap thread, all 2018+ are basically doomed still at this point. They have one single connector that goes to the trans and no one has made any kind of converter or box to properly solve all of the connections there. The one guy did his and ended up taking it back...
  4. Maryland DSS CF DS for MT82 - $700

    Yes, if you cover shipping.
  5. Maryland DSS CF DS for MT82 - $700

    Located in leonardtown, MD For Sale I have a driveshaftshop carbon fiber driveshaft for the mt82. Asking $800 700. Used for roughly 10k to 15k. No actual launches done on this driveshaft, just street driving. Removed my mt82 for a tr6060 so I can actually launch and not send mt82 parts to...
  6. TR6060 Swap Guide

    Got it figured out. Apparently they have moved to a new version of the driveshaft that doesn't use an adapter plate. My next issue is the bolts for the flange mating to the trans. All I have is the bolts from my carbon fiber DSS for the MT82. They are allen capped bolts and a pain because...
  7. TR6060 Swap Guide

    No for the rear diff side of the driveshaft. You can see it here.
  8. TR6060 Swap Guide

    Hoping someone in this thread sees this but I ran into a potential issue driveshaft wise. I ordered the swap shaft from DSS, aluminum variant. It looks like it will fit if I take off the bmr driveshaft safety loop lower bracket just to slide into place. But according to all of the pictures on...
  9. Installed a Tremec Magnum XL in my S550

    Thanks for all of the help guys. I got the wiring all done last night. Nothing like laying on your back on concrete soldering wires. Hoping maybe today or into tomorrow have the rest of the parts back on (driveshaft, shifter, exhaust, starter) and hoping everything drives fine.
  10. Installed a Tremec Magnum XL in my S550

    Oh I 100% was going to do dedicated power and ground. It was the ground on the original OSS connector that the diagram in question said to ground it whereas Bowler said to cap off.
  11. Installed a Tremec Magnum XL in my S550

    I guess thats true. Not much extra work to throw another wire in the loom. But they will hit the same ground (one of the stack ups in the engine bay).
  12. Installed a Tremec Magnum XL in my S550

    Thanks for the reply! Got the trans bolted to the engine last night so I was going to actually wire it this evening. So you think I need to send both the black wire from the Bowler unit and the BN-BU wire to separate chassis grounds? I mean a ground is a ground. I figured just wire them...
  13. Installed a Tremec Magnum XL in my S550

    I had a quick question about the wiring end. I am installing my 6060 this week and I have bowler harness which is identical for the t56. 1. I do not recall any plug for a "skip shift" solenoid on my 2017 mt82, was that eliminated by then? I assume the tr6060 doesn't have that useless...
  14. Wrong Mcleod Clutch?

    So I sent my brand new RST mcleod back to mcleod to have a resplining done (from 23 to 26) so I can install my built tr6060. I also asked them to change the discs to an RXT as it was an RST. I got it back yesterday and the resplining was correct but the clutch discs are still full face discs...
  15. Tow vehicles and Trailers, share your setups!

    For any non car use of the trailer my Acura MDX will be the tow vehicle. If I am moving a car, 99% of the time the s550, then I will just borrow my dad's f150.
  16. Tow vehicles and Trailers, share your setups!

    Okay next question. Is anyone actually using a scale for tongue weight or just roughly centering the vehicle over the axle?
  17. Tow vehicles and Trailers, share your setups!

    Okay good, so im just that stupid I was looking at gaining width lmao. Well my buddy who welds is taking my trailer to weld on some other stuff so he will making the fender removeable.
  18. Tow vehicles and Trailers, share your setups!

    Ohhhh, so the removeable fenders isnt so much for gaining width as it is for gaining height clearance for swinging the door open. Correct?
  19. Tow vehicles and Trailers, share your setups!

    Here's a dumb question for everyone with open trailers. I just bought an 82" x 18ft today brand new. How do you drive it on and get out of the car with the doors having only a couple of inches before hitting fenders? I have a winch and my buddy is going to weld on the adapter plate for me but...