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  1. First Oil Change

    Yes, when I had the OE fill tested I specifically asked for the weight verification. It was 5w-20 on my 2019.
  2. Something leaking from the forward facing camera box

    The gel pack is part of the Windshield rain sensor. My unit started to leak after the weather got quite cold in late October the 2nd year I had the car. My car is garaged most of its life. Not exposed to much heat.
  3. 2017 GT - Musty Smell in Cabin caused by Hood Insulation Design

    So, a question. Would it be a good idea to cut the insulation away from the heat extractors (where the water gets in) and then seal the edge of the insulation with silicone?
  4. Leak!! Area behind passenger flooded with water

    I'm in, too, in case there are new developments.
  5. What's so Special about a California???????

    Hmm, for some reason that thread doesn't seem to be there..
  6. GT Ride Comfort

    Another vote for Continental DWS06 tires. If you can go to a higher profile tire, that helps also. Tires are your primary shock absorbers.
  7. I sold my Bullitt to Vroom for $48,681 !!!

    Ah, so the person that picks up the car is not the one who verifies the condition. That's somewhat risky, then. If that transport person does damage to the car, and anybody that has had cars transported knows wherof I speak, the owner is on the hook for the damage.
  8. I sold my Bullitt to Vroom for $48,681 !!!

    So, maybe I'm not understanding something. If I sell the car to a dealer or a private party, I get paid, they get the car. Why aren't you paid when they take your car?
  9. Post YOUR home made meals or sandwich

    Simple, but tasty. Angus hot dog, spicy mustard, and cole slaw.

    While I have never been a huge fan of Silver, IMO, Ingot Silver looks fantastic on this body style.
  11. Still happy you bought a 10 sp auto?

    Yes, 2019 here and completely content with the 10 speed.
  12. Something leaking from the forward facing camera box

    Ahah, I thought the module was bonded permanently to the windshield. At least it looks like its bonded.
  13. Something leaking from the forward facing camera box

    Does the gel/ oil pack only get replaced or does the windshield/ module get replaced?
  14. Something leaking from the forward facing camera box

    That's one solution.😂 I like this California Special Convertible too much to go that route, though. I think the next step for me is to call Customer Service.
  15. Something leaking from the forward facing camera box

    I'm worried that the oil substance is something that should not be leaking and is going to lead to a failure of something. My dealer didn't even want to take the module cover off to look where the oil is coming from.
  16. Something leaking from the forward facing camera box

    Mine started this Fall 2020, just after it got cold. Unfortunately, it continues on and off, now. Dealer knows nothing about it.
  17. Safe and Smart module leaking

    My 2019 GT has the Safe and Smart module on the inside of the windshield. It has been leaking a clear fluid since last Fall. It leaks on and off, sometimes doesn't leak for a month or 2. Does anyone know what is causing this or have any info about it?
  18. Are the stock Pirellis bad enough to replace ASAP?

    My observation about the Nero on the GT is that they are a very noisy tire and get progressively more noisy as they wear. Additionally, the ride is very hard in comparison to some other comparable tires.
  19. Other than a mustang, what else do you drive??

    2007 F150 FX4 and 1966 Dodge Charger. Non running: 1931 Franklin Series 153 and 1961 Facel Vega HK500.
  20. Who will trade their S550 up for an S650 just because it’s new?

    I'm completely satisfied with my 2019 GT/CS. Not even slightly interested in anything coming down the line.