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  1. Hellion Street Sleeper Build Tips

    Lund tuning via email. No dyno yet. Used a Ngauge and I'm using my boost controller to manage the boost. Driving is pretty normal until around 2800 roms then you start to get into boost and then I smile. I wouldn't daily just because I wouldn't want to drive in the rain a lot. Some people do...
  2. Hellion Street Sleeper Build Tips

    Rust shouldn't be a huge issue. All the pipes are under the car besides the inlet pipe which is coated black. Im in florida so rust isn't a huge issue cuz no salt.
  3. Hellion Street Sleeper Build Tips

    I have a gfb gforce3 boost controller. The turbos came with 7lb springs in them. When I switch to e85 I plan to max out at 12 lbs. I haven't seen any rust on the components. I'm sure the turbo exhaust housings have a bit of surface rust which is expected. The inlet pipes are powder coated black...
  4. Hellion Street Sleeper Build Tips

    What do ya want to know? Kit's working great at 8lbs of boost. I have the standard turbos with bb upgrade.
  5. Hellion Street Sleeper Build Tips

    It's done. Lol we got so deep in I forgot to take pics. I'm in the process of getting it tuned right now. Went together good. Took a while to get the boost controller and vacuum stuff right but we got it working for now lol. Only bad fitment was the 45s that go on the turbos to get the filters...
  6. Hellion Street Sleeper Build Tips

    Yeah I was told that the small reservoirs under the turbo was how it went together. I like em cuz they don't hang down as low. They literally bolt to the turbo and don't hang past the housing
  7. Fore fuel vacuum reference

    The only reason I asked is because the instructions ask for a boost reference so the second pump kicks in when it sees 5lbs of boost. I would think there is at least 5lbs in the manifold pressure at most times.
  8. Fore fuel vacuum reference

    Hey guys almost finished installing my fore dual system in my hellion sleeper build. I'm using a gfb gforce 3 controller and using the below diagram to hook it up. Now can I use that blocked unused turbo vacuum port for the boost reference for the fuel system? Anyone else done this?
  9. Hellion Street Sleeper Build Tips

    Yeah that's my plan. But if you notice I dont have those brass fittings it came with black metal hollow plates that bolt to the bottom of each turbo
  10. Hellion Street Sleeper Build Tips

    So we've been working on the kit and so far so good. It appears the kit has changed slight as there is no more large reservoir that hangs between the turbos attached to the trans, there are small ones that go on the bottom of the turbos. Maybe @HELLION TURBO can confirm. The t-fitting that goes...
  11. Twin turbo 2.5 vs 3 inch exhaust

    Yeah that was my biggest question was if I would have to cut the reducers off my mbrp system and weld a vband onto it. Looks like I will
  12. Twin turbo 2.5 vs 3 inch exhaust

    Would you mind taking a photo of how the turbo pipes connect to the new exhaust?
  13. Hellion Street Sleeper Build Tips

    I went with the base 62mm turbos with the bb upgrade and the aftermarket 3 inch exhaust hookup and just the regular charge pipe. The stock box would be in the way for where I plan to mount the fuel regulator
  14. Hellion Street Sleeper Build Tips

    Hey guys I just ordered a Hellion Street Sleeper Kit for my 2017 GT auto. Ordered just before the 4th from @beefcake racing along with a fore fuel system some ID 1050X's, a Lund nGauge and a MBRP exhaust. I also ordered a GFB 3 controller with the fat fab mount. Now anyone who has installed...
  15. Twin turbo 2.5 vs 3 inch exhaust

    Hey all, I recently bought a 2017 GT premium that came with some unexpected goodies. Gt350 manifold, mishi intake tube, upr catch can, lowering springs, and a set of Vossen hf2 wheels. I also noticed it has a Roush axle back. I know the Roush is a 2.5 in axle back. Now I plan to order a Hellion...
  16. Identify these parts 2017 GT

    Hello I'm buying a 2017 GT premium and I noticed a few things when I was inspecting the car. I noticed the Mishimoto intake tube, and the intake looks like a GT350. Can anyone confirm the intake by looking, and the brand of catch can? Also has lowering springs which are blue which makes me...