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  1. Insurance for GT350

    I have State farm and pay approx the same as you. Collision comes off while in storage for 5 months a year and costs me in the $20s per month while sitting in my garage. I know with State farm it's either more than 7,500 miles a year or less but doesn't cost much more if you choose the over...
  2. A tree downloaded a rotten limb on my 2019 GT350

    You can go to any body shop for repairs.

    Horrible magnetic?? I think not.
  4. 2016 or 2019 GT350?

    You absolutely can get a Ford ESP on the 16 for up to 6 years of coverage from the day you buy the plan.
  5. Process for drop ship @ different Ford Dealer?

    The fee is whatever the receiving dealer wants to charge. As I mentioned a few posts up, my local dealer was going to charge $500. They had to receive it, prep it and there was still some paperwork involved.
  6. Process for drop ship @ different Ford Dealer?

    IF you do it, just pray that the vehicle doesn't show up damaged. Because then you are going to have 2 different dealers pointing fingers at each other. I know some won't do it strictly because of that. I was going to be charged $500 for the work from the "receiving" dealer on a different...
  7. GT350 Side Stripes

    I bought our Explorer ST from Sheehy. Flew down and drove it back.
  8. GT350 Side Stripes

    Looking for suggestions on what color for stripes if I add them. With a rare paint/stripe color combo, I'm sure I'll never see another one in person. I just can't visualize what would look better. White stripes to match the over the vehicle stripes or should I do a matte black where it's more...
  9. Kooks Long Tubes - Looking to go back to stock

    You bought the car from a dealer. We already told you it was an illegal sale. Make them fix it for you on their dime or report them and watch them get fined up the ....
  10. Should I take extended warranty through CNA?

    Which plan level and deductible did you choose?
  11. Should I take extended warranty through CNA?

    Ford used vehicle ESPs start at the day you buy it, not from the original sale date
  12. Should I take extended warranty through CNA?

    Go through Lombard and do the coupon code via email for close to another $200 off. Yes, engine is covered on all plans.
  13. 600R FathouseFab opinions

    Are you looking for Powertrain warranty only? If so, you can do something like a 5yr/30k for about $1,700 through Ford.
  14. Took my first 24 hour test drive today

    Crazy market we have right now. Paid $53k a year ago for my 18 and it had 1,500 miles on it
  15. 84mo/100,000 Mile CPO?!?!

    It is illegal in every state because it is a Federal Law.
  16. 84mo/100,000 Mile CPO?!?!

    So you bought a vehicle from a Ford dealer that has no cats? If so, that's an illegal sale as a dealer can not sell a vehicle legally without cats being against federal law. So with that, I fail to see how Ford would have to honor any warranty of an illegal sale.
  17. 84mo/100,000 Mile CPO?!?!

    The OASIS report would tell you if a motor was replaced... So....
  18. mgw gen 2 shifter

    For those who haven't seen the video It's Here!! | MGW TR-3160 Gen-2 Shifter | Mach 1 & GT350 - YouTube
  19. MGW Shifter for Mach1

    Wow, very nice. I'm glad I held out on ordering one so far. This will definitely be on my list for the Spring.