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  1. Project Epona

    Thanks, I appreciate the input and the confirmation that they are quiet. The tread pattern really makes you tip your head at first, and Nitto makes some big claims on them.
  2. ABS Fuse

    Didn't know that, be careful yanking fuses on these cars though. If you bring down the high speed network or trip certain trouble codes the car can go into "limp mode".
  3. Project Epona

    How do you like the Nitto INVO tires so far? I might get a low profile set to wrap the 18X9's I'm trying to stuff under my 93'
  4. explain what the 2 piece Brembos are and the benefit

    the floating pin design is a very interesting concept, I'm interested to see how well it holds up over time especially with aftermarket tire and brake pad compounds that will increase the braking load. I'm excited to see this cars capabilities.
  5. explain what the 2 piece Brembos are and the benefit

    The design is a balance of heat dissipation and weight in a given diameter. Traditional rotors are one big heavy hunk of cast iron, with the diameter of these brakes a cast rotor would weigh a lot. Brake rotors are unsprung and rotational weight, so every pound saved here is the equivalent in...
  6. Project Epona

    I'm liking it as well, clean and unique. Keep it up!
  7. Service manual

    Helm is who supplies them for Ford, so you're going to have to wait and see most likely. Dealerships are pretty much 100% online now so there isn't a lot of demand for paper manuals anymore.
  8. New Ford Bronco Trademark

    If there is a new Bronco, I would be amazed if it didn't have four doors. Generally, people want 4 doors now, regular cabs are work trucks and extended cabs are just a compromise on price. Back when the Bronco went bye-bye, it was replaced by four door expeditions and explorers for a reason...
  9. 2017 Fusion

    is it wrong that I hope it doesn't change much? I really like the current Fusion..
  10. Fusion/Mondeo Wagon...

    Spotted this in Flat Rock, MI today!
  11. GT350 Nose on a Fusion

    Yeah, I was waiting for that one. It's a relative thing. I'm torn on the configuration of the mustang at this point, it's affordable and practical. I'm anxious to see how well the GT350 fills the performance gap in the Ford line-up. And what else might be headed our way soon. I've always...
  12. GT350 Nose on a Fusion

    The Fusion isn't a big car in my opinion, I don't like the Taurus SHO for the fact that the thing is too chunky. I think the fusion is a good mid-sized 4 door middle ground; large enough to be comfortable, small enough to be sporty.
  13. Reputable Shops in Southeast Michigan

    Any reputable shop that is charging you less than $100/hr is treating you well these days. I was a Ford dealer tech for a long time, I'm now up here for a new job and Livernois would be one of the first places I would stop if I need anything done I can't do myself at home.
  14. GT350 Nose on a Fusion

    The cobra badge is tacky, but I like the look. Just makes me wish there was an RS Fusion that much more.
  15. Upgrading Base radio to premium screen

    bolting the parts in is easy, but the wiring may not be there, and the means of getting the modules programmed and functioning isn't something that's readily available to most.
  16. Key fobs and car thieves

    That was my thought, anybody can swing in and snatch it with a wrecker. If they want it, they're going to take it.
  17. This stupid dress is driving me crazy

    That's what I'm thinking as well, lower quality LCD screens mucking with the image seems like a plausible theory.
  18. Project Epona

    I'm not one for stickers either, but the triforce would really be fitting.
  19. 2016 GT350 show car at Daytona speedway?

    Saw it! My photos were junk, smartphone, too much sun, ropes in the way.. just, pitiful. Car was gorgeous though, definitely has a presence. Except for the "Captain America" paint scheme, seriously two colors is enough for one car, three is just tacky.
  20. Service manual

    or... you could go to Helm and order the exact same manuals we use in the dealership.