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  1. San Diego, Temecula, Orange Area

    If anyone is interested in attending the Tour D Orange car rally on New Year’s Day. Meet up will be at Fashion Island parking lot in front of Cheesecake Factory. 1141 Newport center drive, Newport Beach Ca I believe cars will start to park around 7am. Im not sure if there will be music etc...
  2. San Diego, Temecula, Orange Area

    we don’t go very often as it gets pretty nuts. we may end up doing the tour d orange rally on New Year’s Day though. It’s a pretty early rally with hundreds of cars.
  3. San Diego, Temecula, Orange Area

    a couple of us members are going tomorrow
  4. Reputable Tire Install in So Cal?

    714 tires in Westminster. They even allow you to bring your own tires and put em on for $20 a wheel. they are also one of the very view places that can handle carbon fiber wheels. I’ve talked to people while waiting that came from as far as apple valley and Glendale to get their alignments etc...
  5. Props to my Ford Dealer- outstanding service- damaged carbon fiber wheel

    My car is currently at that dealer right now! Dropped her off on Monday!
  6. Brake Dust/Wheel Cleaner Preference

    This is my wheel after 3 days. The wheel guard kept it pretty clean for 3 weeks. Generally right after I wash the car and drive just once my wheels are bronze with brake dust. I’m still on the oem pads.
  7. Brake Dust/Wheel Cleaner Preference

    I use the wheel guard and rim wax. It was a recommendation by a detailer that works in one of the chemical guys detail garage locations. I gave it a try and it kept the dust off for 3...
  8. California 19x11.5” GT350R Rear Carbon Fiber Wheel

    I may be interested in buying this from you. I'm in Irvine. Is there a way we could meet up to check it out? My office/warehouse is off the 405/55
  9. North Carolina Various like new - new GT350 parts

    Can you do me a favor and post a pic of the side walls of the tires so we can see the build dates for the tires? Especially for the 315s?
  10. North Carolina Various like new - new GT350 parts

    Would you be willing to split the tires up? I’m looking for 2 315s
  11. San Diego, Temecula, Orange Area

    Central OC area near the 405/55 just got back from a 1200 road trip up north with a 2 day pit stop at laguna seca raceway.
  12. Sears point/Sonoma raceway alignment

    haha! The last time I went with the shelby club was in late November two years ago and it was raining. I couldn’t really push too much so I’m looking forward to a dry track! Have fun at Sonoma!
  13. Sears point/Sonoma raceway alignment

    What day are you going? I might go with SV the second weekend of August. I have the Vorshlag plated In and for some reason it maxed out at -2.6 and -2.7. I know it’s advertised as more but that’s what my shop got it to and it’s maxed out on the plate itself on the indicators. Im gonna run this...
  14. How many miles can you get street driving cup 2's?

    I took my car in for an oil change a few months ago with only 400-500 miles on my sc2's and the older gentleman up front argued with me that they were worn down and needed replacement. "I'm not a tire expert but I've been working on cars for many many years. Those tires are worn". I just...
  15. Powertrain Failure at the track *update 6/18 **Final**

    Did you notice the difference in initial torque in sport mode? Sport mode for me in the lower RPM's is much more tame then before.
  16. Financial decision having regrets now

    I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that many in this forum love the sounds of their motors too much. As far as your decision, I don't see you losing a great deal on your purchase. Just go look at how much a used electric car that sells well sells for just to get an idea. Electric motors...
  17. Powertrain Failure at the track *update 6/18 **Final**

    so far I haven’t seen prices dip due to a Gen 2 motor replacement but I may be wrong. idk how many of us on here have a low chassis number from 15/16 to be worried about vin numbers matching on engines. I do know for myself when I look for a second gt350 down the line I will be looking for...
  18. Powertrain Failure at the track *update 6/18 **Final**

    😂 😂 😂 - just don't get an everything bagel
  19. Powertrain Failure at the track *update 6/18 **Final**

    Finally it broke. I had a bagel!
  20. Powertrain Failure at the track *update 6/18 **Final**

    😂😂😂 - I'm most afraid of answering the breakfast question