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  1. Body panel alignment issues

    Good day everyone. After 3 years, I did see the 2018 Mustang’s at the Edmonton car show. As everyone can imagine, I was curious about the overall alignment after 3 years. Not one change after many complaints since 2015. Even the all new 2019 BULLIT had the same issues my 2015 had, including the...
  2. Euro NCAP Crash Test

    With companies pushing out new designed cars every year and selling them worldwide, they should know the crash test which should be fulfilled before this cars are rated. All the gimmicks / electronic helpers they promise now for free, it won't change a bit. The test is out since before 2008 and...
  3. Close-call thread (Dash Cam)

    Sorry! You can't be serious right now. I know. You got a lot of thanks for this videos. But if this is your normal driving style, you are drinking to many energy drinks! You see clearly that the cars moving to cut you off (what is there failure) but instead to slowing down, you honk your...
  4. Edmonton area - FFTEC kit for sale!

    Finally I got it sold. Was a local pick up and I am sure that the new owner is very happy now. Congrats!
  5. Edmonton area - FFTEC kit for sale!

    *bump it up again*
  6. Edmonton area - FFTEC kit for sale!

    *BUMP* Still for sale: Send a PM if anyone is interested. With the high USD now, this is a bargain. :-) *original LINKS do not work but the two last one.
  7. Edmonton area - FFTEC kit for sale!

    *bump* Sorry! Posted twice...
  8. Canadians do your mobile apps work..sync 3?

    Is this your 1st Ford? APPS don't work in Canada on the head units. Never did and FORD CANADA shows no efforts to change that. I did had a couple talks with my CSM about it. We can't do anything with the wifi. And I don't start with your iPhone. :cheers:
  9. Lemon Log

    Next car? NOT a FORD?? :lol: (Sorry! I could not resist ...... ) :cheers:
  10. Lemon Log

    Looks like I did good NOT to get a Mustang for my replacement. So far, I did got only the dash replaced on my 2015 F150. I feel really sorry who has to get through all that trouble.
  11. Sync 3 / Re-Boot or ?

    checklist Get a checklist before you pick up your new Mustang! I had enough trouble with FORD and the poor 2015 quality for more than 10 life's! :doh: 1st the "crooked and twisted" 2015 Mustang and after pushed from the dealer to get another FORD (wouldn't give me back my down payment if...
  12. Winter wheels

    I still have my 18" winter tire package for sale after FORD bought my Mustang back. But I live in the Edmonton area and only pick up available. Sorry! They are $1,100 incl. TPMS. Someone is coming by on Saturday to take a look at them. Hurry up if you like to get a cheap set. And yes I...
  13. Body panel alignment issues

    Hi all. My dealer bought back my Mustang, I am sure that some of you remember all the pictures and posts about it. I did switch to a 2015 Ford F150 and thought that Ford would have paid more attention to their most sold vehicle in the production line (I think). couple weeks ago I noticed that my...
  14. 20150802 155457

    20150802 155457

  15. GT PP engine knock/ping/tick?

    Congrats! i should have taken my money too and run away from Ford! Now I have a warranty claim on my 2015 F150 too. My whole dash is warping. Part is ordered and in 3 weeks they switch my whole dashboard.......
  16. Lemon Log

    I am happy to hear that you guys getting help and the BBB acknowledges that there are issues with the "all new 2015 Mustang". Hope you guys not getting ripped off a lot switching the cars!
  17. Has Ford acknowledged ANY of these issues???

    "1st time I hear about that complain.." excuses! Hello. I market your post where I think, FORD gives out standard answers to the employees. There isn't a forum where Mustang owners wouldn't report alignment issues or loose leather, because that's main complains - if someone complains and...
  18. Recall for 19,500 2015 Mustang 2.3L EcoBoost vehicles for elevated temperatures

    No glue - put like to talk? People are funny! If - and only if - you have not read: You don't have to read through all this posts. The Mustang in the...
  19. Dropped car off at dealer yesterday for a huge list of issues...

    Right! off-topic You are right. But I won't buy another truck. :D We still laugh about that we drive now the F150. It's a nice truck - but not what we at home normally drive. Our friends love it. They like the big space they have in the screw cab in the back bench. That's why we drive now...
  20. Cancel my 6yr/100k Warranty?

    I hear you. That's why I won't touch my twin turbo 2.7 at all. I don't like to fight about "right and not right". I am waiting for the day FORD will void the warranty someone changes the tires..... :doh: