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  1. Question about oil pressure

    For those that have swapped their oil pressure gauge for a GT350 gauge, does the backlighting color match the other backlighting in your car? If the backlighting matched the rest of your car, what part number gauge did you use? I saw YouTube video of someone that did the swap, and the...
  2. Tow hook the same thread as gt500?

    Raceseng Got back with me, and said they intend to make a shaft for a Mach1. Unfortunately, they don’t have a timeline. @Atlas1, I would be interested in buying one of yours if you get them sooner than raceseng.
  3. Exhaust Mode changed by itself

    I checked my wiring at the suspect pinch point, and found no damage. I did delete the resonator, but I’d read of others having trouble, so I was careful to support the pipes preventing them from pulling or damaging the wires. I also slipped a rag between the wire bundle and pinch weld. My...
  4. Exhaust Mode changed by itself

    I was driving down the road in track mode with the exhaust in track mode, 4th gear light throttle, ~50 MPH and I noticed the exhaust sound changed. I scrolled through the exhaust mode menu and found I wAs back in normal mode. I reselected track mode for for the exhaust and it changed like it...
  5. Tow hook the same thread as gt500?

    Well, I've made the same mistake and ordered the racerseng tug kit and license plate mount. I didn't realize it wasn't for the Mach1. @Atlas1 and @RandomTask - did y'all come up with a solution? I reached out to racerseng, but no word back yet.
  6. Mach 1 Mara

    I think the owner kit is super cool, but I couldn’t help but feel a little let down when I turned the the “centerfold” of the trifold brochure and there I find the picture directly above the paragraph certifying my VIN was a limited production, blah blah blah. My car is a FJG HP; the picture...
  7. 3D Printed Oil Filler Funnel

    I accessed the filter from the side, broke it lose with filter wrench, stuffed pig mat under the filter/above the power steering unit, used both the trap door and side access to loosen by hand and remove. Did my best not to make a mess, but still had a bit of cleanup to do.
  8. Lemon law question

    Lemon laws vary by state. Monkeying with the car is good way to disrupt the process. You should consult your attorney before altering the car.
  9. HP front splitter height / clearance angle

    Caution!!! my measurements are with 275/35 tires in front and 325/30 in the rear. my tires are bigger than stock diameter by .30” front and .20” rear. Adjusting for the smaller stock tires, the approach angle would be roughly 8.25 degrees. sorry about that oversight.
  10. HP front splitter height / clearance angle

    Mine measures~ 5.12” from the bottom of the forward most point of the splitter to the floor, and ~34.50” from the forward most point of the splitter to where the tire contacts the road. The approach angle calculates to approximately 8.4 degrees. The car has ~ 3/4 tank fuel and has been...
  11. Lowering springs on a HP car.

    I have a HP car and I feel like I’d like the car would look better lowered a little. Has anyone lowered their HP car yet? Did the change have an adverse affect on ride or handling? Any clearance or tire rub issues? Any unintended consequences? What springs did you use? post pictures.
  12. 2022 Mach 1 Track Attack schedule open

    The 2022 Mach1 track attack schedule has been posted and registration is open.
  13. Keeping painted calipers clean

    I have the painted orange calipers on my FJG HP Mach1. Car has 1300 miles on it, and the calipers are starting to show some grime and brake dust. As I’m cleaning the calipers and wheels, I’m wondering if there is value in ceramic coating the calipers. For those that have ceramic coated their...
  14. HP Tire Size Options and Brand Recommendations

    I have the Michelin pilot sport AS 4 tires on my handling package wheels. 325/30 rear 275/35 front. The rear tires look good, but the fronts look stretched (even though Michelin approves the wheel size). I wouldn’t recommend the 275s. Michelin has a 285/30 that would be a better fit. I...
  15. 2019 Shelby GT350R cursed

    As a measly Mach1 owner, I’m obviously envious. But, I have to ask… Were you really going to be eat Chic fil-A in your GT350R??? No food, and water only in my car!
  16. Anyone doing an oil change in the near future?

    I bought one of your kits not realizing it was specific to the GT350. I’m picking up my Mach1 later today, and will be doing my first oil change this weekend (I have a 950 mile drive to get home from the dealer). I will let you know how it works.
  17. Owning a Mach 1 Guide

    I’m having Xpel full PPF w/stealth over the matte on the stripe and window tint done through Granger before driving the car home to TX. Their price was considerably better than the local quotes I got, and I didn’t want to chance damaging the paint on the car’s maiden voyage. I had contemplated...
  18. Mach1 Parts Spreadsheet

  19. Mach1 Parts Spreadsheet

    Could you please post pictures of these installed on the car?
  20. Rear Seat Delete Pics

    I ordered the RSD. I was told it looks the same as the GT 350 R. My car is built and pending shipping, so I don’t know what it really looks like. Maybe soon.