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  1. Another crowd gets the full mustang experience

    Even if that’s the case, you shouldn’t rely on your car to handle itself, you should be able to handle the car without electronics or crashing into crowds. Until you can, find a safe area to practice.
  2. So, steppin’ out?

    There’s a couple things at play. One, this is the most popular sports car of all time. With quantities like that, you’re going to have issues. While Camaros weren’t being made, mustangs were crashing into crowds. Even since Camaros have come back, mustangs outsell like 5:1 (guess, no idea actual...
  3. Another crowd gets the full mustang experience

    You can’t drift with advancetrac on. Leaving it on is not the answer, learning how to drive/manage a big RWD V8 is the answer. Or get a FWD hot hatch…
  4. Coverking Rear Seat Delete

    Lemme know when you get it installed, I wanna see this thing in the car.
  5. Coverking Rear Seat Delete

    That sucks for me, I wanna see this thing 😂
  6. Coverking Rear Seat Delete

    Did you install it? Pics?
  7. Need Opinions! What ghost stripes should I do?

    Do one giant strip the entire width of the car including the sides.
  8. Bullitt Engine Bay Dressup

    No offense to anyone, but please don’t just put a cover on the stock one. Replace it with a proper aftermarket one. Here’s a high quality one that looks better and lasts longer than a cover. They’re stronger than stock and some increase capacity, includes a sight window to make sure they’re...
  9. “Customized” dash

    That looks WAY better than stock GT trim, I like it
  10. “Customized” dash

    There’s definitely a bit of dimpling, it’s showing through from the original pattern underneath
  11. Your opinion on personalized license plates...

    Then get a personalized plate BB88BB8
  12. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Yeah, it wasn’t very difficult, just tedious. Heat gun is crucial, without it it wouldn’t have happened… wheel looks good but super time consuming
  13. “Customized” dash

    Thank you! The texture is the stock panel coming through
  14. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Wrapped the dash matte black
  15. “Customized” dash

    They make a carbon fiber “looking” wrap too. This stuff was so cheap I figured why not, if it came out bad I’m out $10… i want to do the carbon fiber dash but it’s $1k so this will do until then.
  16. “Customized” dash

    Thanks! It’s making me want to do more but I know I’m gonna get carried away…
  17. “Customized” dash
  18. Your opinion on personalized license plates...

    I wish I could explain how much I love this