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  1. Awesome Vendor Alert: ApexRaceParts (and First impressions of their product)

    Apex wheels are not quite as known as some bigger name companies but they make solid wheels. Great company with great products. I have a set of their wheels on my m4 with Hoosier slicks and they look killer!!
  2. Wanna see your car in print? (ProCharger Catalogue)

    Can’t really see my stage 2 intercooler since it’s blacked out as is my Procharger plaque on my blower, but it goes to show you can be stealthy lol. Daily driven (until I bought my C63s) rain or shine 16k miles in a little over a year. Have 91 and e85 files, but use e 99% of the time by choice...
  3. Any Non-Intercooled Centrifugal kits yet?

    You could run a non intercooler kit like that on baby boost just fine but for the cost difference (minimal?) you might wanna just get a full intercooled kit. If the cost was significantly lower you could run a non I/c blower kit turned up using meth injection.
  4. 2017 Blk/Blk Base Gt Procharger F1A Build...

    No not offhand, but if you give Procharger a ring they will get you sorted out. Might consider ordering some blower oil at the same time as shipping will be the same cost iirc.
  5. Cutting E98 to E85

    No prob Shaun! Make sure to test twice to be sure it’s consistent and lost up your findings. Will
  6. 2017 Blk/Blk Base Gt Procharger F1A Build... That’s the unit but I bought it direct on eBay from “dvdnav-manufacture” Here’s the...
  7. 2017 Blk/Blk Base Gt Procharger F1A Build...

    Thanks man! I think the forgestars are one of the best looking street/track wheels available, especially for the price. Not sure on offset from the top of my head, but they are 10” wide (maybe 10.5” lol). You can hit up [email protected] and he will know for sure...that’s who I ordered them from. Hey...
  8. Cutting E98 to E85

    I would use a tester and verify e%. I have an extra ethanol test kit if interested
  9. More power more boost

    You have to wait for a white van without windows to pick you and take you to the shop when you get work done by BW. You also get a free video with kit purchase.
  10. Best tires 20inch drag radials for supercharged car

    Nt05r works perfect as a daily on my car, but depending on how much power you’re making, you still might have traction issues in 2nd gear.
  11. Best way to drain 93 out of the tank?

    If you have a return system unhook the return line, put it in a 5 gal container, power on the pumps with direct battery power and run until the tank is empty.
  12. How come there’s not more procharged mustangs

    Don’t have a boost gauge so not really sure and yea stock motor aside from op/timing gears. There’s always a risk, but with a great tune (thanks Jon Jr!), proper maintanence and treating the car right (getting it to operating temp before beating on it) it should be happy for a long time.
  13. How come there’s not more procharged mustangs

    My buddy setup the f1a with converter and fuel system on my car and it’s one of the baddest bitches around 99.9% of the time. On the lowest boost pulley (5”) and 3.5” intake I went 9.26 @ 149 but have since changed to 4.75” pulley, 4” intake and meth injection to keep iats happy up top. Never...
  14. 2214hp Single Turbo 5.0 Coyote on the engine dyno @ MMR

    Damn that had some serious twist on the engine stand!!
  15. Should I buy a Used Blower?

    If it looks beat to hell, then no way. If it’s clean packed well and everything looks to be there, go for it. Plan on changing the blower oil reguadless of age/miles etc and you should be gtg. I would use the money you saved on the blower to spring on a fore twin return fuel system from...
  16. Pro Charger/Fore System install

    ^ mine is in the same location as well
  17. Pro Charger/Fore System install

    Bolted my regulator to the driver side strut tower area, but keep in mind where the fuel lines and vacuum line will come in to it for best placement. Just use breather filters on the valve covers for about $25, $700 is wayyyyy to much for a catch can lol
  18. second iat sensor location, where?

    I put VMP’s iat breakout sensor in my drivers side rear runner and it works perfectly. Manifold doesn’t have a lot of threads when tapped since it’s thin, but a little gasket maker on the sensor threads helps seal it up nicely.
  19. D-1x Vs F-1

    The F1a on a 5” pulley (lowest boost without wastegate) with the stage 2 intercooler took me to 9.26 @ 149 and consistent 9.30’s. It’s a badass blower and will hurt anyone’s feelings, from a roll. First and second gear are worthless even on 19” dr’s, so it’s 3rd gear and up on the streets lol
  20. To all the E85 users out there,...(check this out)

    The theory is the gunk comes from converting cars with some miles on them over to e85 and the gunk is residue from cleaning effects of alcohol. My injectors I bought from my buddy had around 8k e85 miles on them and looked brand new, but they came out of his brand new e85 only car. Making good...