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  1. Great Video on the Mustang IRS

    I personally do not know. I did look at the part on Steeda's website, a few reviewers there mentioned that it took a few tenths off of the 60' time. You could ask this question in the Drag Strip forum...
  2. Sway bar

    I am a beginner autocross driver (two events last year). I got the Racequip Open Face Helmet: $240 (make sure to get an SA2020 helmet)
  3. AAD Performance Drag Packs

    Hi, you have a typo in your website address link. Also, have you made any youtube videos on your parts installed in a Mustang IRS? I like the pictures on your website, of your three parts together, but a video of the IRS moving up and down would be a lot better. Thank you
  4. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Keith, I recommend Rokblokz. (and I do like to send it...)
  5. Great Video on the Mustang IRS

    So many suspension videos talk about one or maybe two parts and then show only those parts, while holding in the hand, or very limited view under the car. This is a great video because of its completeness. It shows the entire rear subframe (minus shocks and springs). Here the subframe is out...
  6. Lowering Springs for a DD

    The most important thing to understand about the Eibach Sportline is the spring rates 217/879 at minimum (ride frequency 1.57) , and 331/994 at maximum (ride frequency 1.80). They are very stiff springs. Do you want very stiff spring rates (track stiff)? Do you want spring rates that are a...
  7. Bump Stop or Spring Aid?

    I am curious to learn what people here think about this, specifically as it applies to the Mustang: daily driving, autocross, track. I have copied a few key highlights from this Motor Trend article The bump stop is probably the...
  8. General Suspension Questions

    Hi Tim, My purpose in learning about ride frequency (I put the formula in Excel) and briefly explain it to others (with a chart), is to simply learn what is different about the various Mustang trim levels. Once people learn this then they can then make an informed decision about what springs to...
  9. BMW M3 Bumpstops Fit Perfectly on S550 Mustang B6 Bilstein Shocks + Drive & Review

    It looks like you need the (10mm-1.5 diameter), confirm with Steeda... Steeda also went a step further by making the kit fit the shocks listed below (Please review for fitment): All Stock Shocks, Viking Shocks, Ford Racing Shocks (10mm-1.5 diameter) Steeda Adjustable Pro-Action Shocks, Koni...
  10. Official Ford Sync3 3.4 Release

    I just downloaded the "New" Sync maps. 12 gig The main folder under is named: 19Q1_NA_Post-3.2_2ndRelease All the *.tar.gz files have a date of 12/10/2019 This looks like an old release to me, that was moved to production servers by mistake. Does anyone else have this problem...
  11. Custom plates, let's see them!

    If anyone has been wanting a "P51" plate, but they are of course long gone, try the other alternatives. P51D NA or P51D NT. For a few more ideas see the Wiki page. The "NA" was built in Inglewood, "NT" was built in Dallas. North American Aviation was the manufacturer...
  12. 10000 mile alignment

    My alignment was bad from the factory: Front left toe: +0.52 fixed to +0.09 Front right toe -0.31 fixed to +0.09 It should not cost much to have the local service center just check the values.
  13. Steering Feel

    Yes, you can upgrade the steering feel. I did. There are three parts available to order (choose 1 or 2 or all 3). Personal experience: Steeda Lateral Link, normal ball joint (On the car for 2 months. Very noticeable difference in steering feel!) Steeda 2-Point K-Member Brace (On order...
  14. General Suspension Questions

    Excellent idea! Start by learning what "Ride Frequency" is (and its relationship to spring rates). These are the Ford Performance Track dampers that have the same compression and rebound...
  15. Mixing springs?

  16. Mixing springs?

    Mike, what a fantastic picture. Have you submitted that to the "Photo of the Month" thread?
  17. Official Ford Sync3 3.4 Release

    Ira, you have always been able to download on a PC to a USB until version 2020.2 Maps version 2020.2 must be downloaded with WiFi in the car. Yes, it took forever to do two vehicles.
  18. Official Ford Sync3 3.4 Release

    I think the situation for the Maps version 2020.2 is that it can NOT be downloaded from a PC, it must be downloaded in the car. That is what happened for both my Ford vehicles.
  19. Sway Bars - So Many Choices

    @TeeLew "The sheer number of options these engineers come up with is pretty silly. Look at those front springs." @NightmareMoon "For the OEM, I'm sure they have some internal targets for ride frequency or body roll or something." With the new (to me) spring rates for GT500 and Mach1, I have...
  20. What pizza do S550 people like

    Mediterranean Style: kalamata olives, sun-dried tomatoes, artichokes, capers, feta cheese. Served with a bottle of Chianti Classico.