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  1. First mods to your Mach 1

    Those are the ones I'd be interested in. I don't think a DCT would be hugely expensive over what the auto costs already. Lots of not super expensive cars have DCT these days. For the wheel I wish they had at least done a special mach 1 airbag cover. Its what you look at 100% of the time while...
  2. 2022 Mach 1 Track Attack schedule open

    You don't drive a spec sheet. There will always be faster cars/drivers. When I was younger I was hyper focused on the numbers and had a hard time understanding why someone would buy a 'slow' brand when choosing a sports car. Its all about how it makes you feel.
  3. Flat rock assembly plant down this week

    I'm just lucky I don't need a car. Still it would be nice to have it before the weather starts warming up. Good weather is way too short up north.
  4. 2022 Official Mach 1 Order Tracking Thread

    I mean its not great, but TBH ford seems to be one of the better makes in terms of tracking orders. A lot of them you just get a phone call when it shows up at the dealer.
  5. 2022 Grabber Blue 6spd GT got here early.

    I just want to know when the plate and rooster decal goes on
  6. New EPA limit of 40 mpg by 2026

    TBH I wonder the same thing global car emissions are a small piece of the pie, but just like recycling there seems to be policy of "blame the consumer" rather than tackling the issues at the source were it would affect profit margins.
  7. Purchase dilemma

    AFAIK there isn't an allotment for the mach 1. If they put in a retail order they will get one. They may be trying to sell you one they have coming in already.
  8. New EPA limit of 40 mpg by 2026 Well this is going to be interesting. New restrictions coming 2023. Buy your v8 while you can.
  9. Mach 1 replica stripes out now out. :)

    Nice. Too bad they don't offer more color options. Even on a real mach 1 it would be nice to have more color matching options.
  10. First real life looks at Eruption Green and Oil Slick Blue-Purple new paint colors for 2022 GT500

    Sort of. You want paint mixed really well and you'd need to make sure the paint was well purged for each car. You'd need all the spray equipment to purge and any mixing equipment, plus overspray concerns on handling equipment. Its not really as simple as feeding RGB paints into a sprayer. That...
  11. Prices are on the rise......

    Define awhile. Almost every make is shutting down new ICE development. The platforms released over the next few years will probably be last mass market ICE chassis. Through 2030 you're still in good shape with relatively modern platforms however they will be aging and not getting replaced. I...
  12. Has anyone considered changing the color of their Wheels?

    What wheels are those? I want something similar for my eruption green mach 1 when it gets here.
  13. GT350 or Mach 1

    Its always a game of how much streetability do you want to give up to brag about how fast your car is on the ‘ring. I figure the people who are good enough to need the difference already know the answer.
  14. Not a fair comparison at all. CVT Civic vs. Mustang GT

    I used the same system in the id.4 and it was one of the reasons I canceled my preorder for it. The capacitive stuff is horrible and it felt super laggy. Not something you want out of a brand new infotainment system.
  15. 2022 GT Order

    Its the highest number a retail order can be. Still before dealer orders, but might just be their default
  16. Electric mustangs. New 1960s style

    Well it is a low production 1/500 car. seems like once you crest 200k prices are pretty arbitrary. Id expect something like this as a normal production car to be in the 100k area at least.
  17. 2021 Mach 1 Tuning TBH on modern tuning I doubt it would hurt it.
  18. GT Spirit/Franklin Mint Mach 1...

    They are waiting for chips.
  19. Your opinion on personalized license plates...

    Ive had a few over the years. flat4- on a subaru rs 2.5 iamham- got shortly after getting married jedi- current
  20. Mustang vs Mustang | Mach-E GT Performance Edition VS. Steeda GT350 At The Drag Strip!

    Try lemans. Ive been watching battery tech pretty close and nothing suggests it imminent. Its like the solid state battery that is perpetually 5 years out. The 800v systems are pretty good, but still like 18min to 80%