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    I completely understand. Car Audio has changed so much from the early 90's when I got into it.

    Looks like the DSR1 is out of stock on Crutchfield, as seems most electronics at this time.

    The Audio Control LC7i is a LOC only. The DSR1 is that and a DSP. Depending on what your budget is, I would do the DSR1 as the DSP option will make things sound so much better. Depending on your skills with soldering and cutting, plug and play would be a better option. Are you just...
  4. "You scratched his wheels bro." - Ford service dash cam

    I have to agree, find another place, maybe a Mustang shop. It did hurt to watch those videos, but at least you have video and not just you pointing fingers.
  5. Hello Houston S550 owners!

    Hello Mike.
  6. 4 GT500's Stolen Right From Flat Rock Plant

    no video of the heist happening? I call BS!
  7. New Official Shelby GT500 Lego set

    looks like something from Death
  8. 2019 Shelby GT350R cursed

    I got the exact opposite with my white GT350. people out here reving at me everywhere, shooting video as I drive by as they say thats my favorite car. This car gets way too much
  9. Last Dance Before Hibernation

    We dance all year here in Texas also.
  10. Recommended fuel injector upgrade for e85?

    I have stock injectors and run E85, no issues.
  11. glaze, sealant, and wax job, safe to wax plastic metallic grey spoiler?

    Here is a flow chart to help you through the process. I use CG products with great success.
  12. 2020 GT350 on Carvana

    love this installed option: *** GAS GUZZLER TAX *** :crackup::crackup::crackup::crackup:
  13. Looking at a 2019 Gt350

    I came from a 12 GT to a 17 GT350. I bought it a year ago with 1300 miles on it. I do drive it at least once a week and autocross it once a month. 1. Yes I did 2. I started autocross this year with it. 3. I plan on keeping this one. 4. I am not paranoid, but do keep an eye on it. No...
  14. Veterans Day

    Thank you for your service!
  15. ...whatcha think of.........

    Whats up with the wheels? I thought the "R" had carbon fiber wheels, those look like non-R wheels.
  16. Forum promo code Steeda?

    I would like the code as well. My wishlist is growing.
  17. Showroom poster

    That links takes me to a bunch of Mach 1 photos.
  18. Tramlining is gone

    My 2017 does it also. I always thought it was supposed to be that way. I will be doing the Steeda piece for it and then later changing tires when I need them,
  19. Auto Cross

    This is my first year doing autocross in my GT350. I currently run a short course. I was addicted instantly and became a member. I have learned a lot about limits that I have versus what the car is capable of.
  20. Steeda Clutch Spring Assist

    Do you still have the Steeda one, I was looking to do this to my GT350.