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  1. GT500 Drivetrain........Fox Body Swap Anyone?.......

    That will be the most expensive swap in history for a stock drive train haha.
  2. Question for the Community: Trade, Mod, or Stay Put

    I voted for you to keep and mod yours. I traded in a 2018 gt auto. There was no downside to my trade. I would have almost bought a gt350 but when I'm already going thru that much trouble you might as well go all the way. Keep your and mod this piss out of it.
  3. Question: Tech Package Content vs Base?

    I guess I have the tech package on mine I bought used then. It was priced in the lowest 3 online I could find. With Recaros and handling package. BTW the b&o system is no were near is good sounding as even the older 2014 mustang shaker and not as good as the base pioneer system in the 2020...
  4. Lethal Performance's Whipple Powered CFTP clicks off a [email protected]

    I almost ordered a bunch of parts from you guys but I want to check stock and availability before I actually buy anything. Your site has the Lund tune or bpd . Which tune is actually in the car? Lund or pbd dyno tuned?
  5. [email protected] Factory DCT/Clutches GT500

    For now I'll stick with the stock blower and just pulley down. But eventually I may go 3.8l . I agree a 1.2 at full weight won't happen and even a 1.4 would be hard. But I do intend to taking some weight out and it starts with the massive brakes. Then kmember and front sway bar. I'll do full...
  6. Evolution Performance GT500 cuts a 1.2 60 foot on stock DCT

    Cool. I'm glad the stuff is that bad ass to run those numbers. Gives me hope for my cars future.
  7. There goes the neighborhood

    I don't wollow anyone on anything. But I search on YouTube for info. Which is hit or miss. So unless he has actual useful stuff to say I'll never even see him on there.
  8. Evolution Performance GT500 cuts a 1.2 60 foot on stock DCT

    When they say it's the original clutches and trans that came in that car new, I'll be more impressed. Not the third or fourth set of stock components that have been replaced from abuse and breaking.
  9. [email protected] Factory DCT/Clutches GT500

    Is all of this 60 foot magic in just the tune? No im not talking about suspension components either. Can a stock engine stock blower be capable of close to the same 60 foot? BTW I have an old Ngauge from Lund I could use for tuning thru Lund.
  10. Whining sound when cold in first and second at low speed?

    No my 2020 does not make a trans whine when cold or hot.
  11. Free Soler Prf. Throttle Bodies for GT350/500

    Gotta be at least 105mm to even make the switch.
  12. New 2020 GT500 Forged Wheels - Velgen Wheels

    So how much "roughly" are a set that fit the new gt500?
  13. 2020 GT500 spindles and suspension questions.

    Just to clear some stuff up, I own a 2020 GT500. I'm looking to go down in brake size and weight for drag racing. So I want to swap all the calipers, rotors, and probably spindles to a normal GT setup. I already have Aerospace drag rear brakes and stock 2018 GT front calipers and rotors from...
  14. 2020 GT500 spindles and suspension questions.

    I agree. I just need to know if they will swap overand all the parts match up. Or if I want to buy Bmr parts they fit. Plus the ebrake issue if unplugged.
  15. 2020 GT500 spindles and suspension questions.

    Drag suspension and brakes. Taking tons of rotating mass out. I already have a set of aerospace rear drag brakes and a set of stock 2018 gt front brakes from my old car. I have already run 15x10s on my old setup too.
  16. 2020 GT500 spindles and suspension questions.

    Yes I saw that vid. Which made me wonder if a normal gt spindle would interchange front and rear or not.
  17. 2020 GT500 spindles and suspension questions.

    I'm in the process of looking into suspension components and was basically wondering if any normal gt parts are interchangeable? Also looking into race brakes. If you unplug the ebrake wires, does it set a light or warning? I know the spindles in the rear are different than normal GT. But how...
  18. New 2020 GT500 Forged Wheels - Velgen Wheels

    When will there be a good variety of styles to fit the 2020+ gt500 ready to buy?