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  1. 900+ Horsepower Shelby GT500KR Revealed to Celebrate Shelby American's 60th Anniversary

    Looks good, I like the stance and the offset on the wheels.
  2. New Official Shelby GT500 Lego set

    I'm a Lego nerd and own a lot of their big sets. This doesn't do it for me though, could look a lot better. Maybe a better looking set will come out later.
  3. Real steel signs gt500.

    That's pretty cool, definitely considering ordering one.
  4. Lowering springs for GT500

    I lowered my GT350, it looked amazing but the front splitter clearance was a nightmare. I told myself I wasn't going to lower my 500. Why must you tempt me so! 😭
  5. Custom Venom Color GT500 to be Raffled Off For JDRF

    Don’t worry guys, I’ll be sure to post a bunch of pics after I win that bad boy!
  6. GT500 sold for $140k

    I paid 5k adm on my GT350. 30k adm or whatever is insane. I love the GT500 but I’d rather go buy a C8 before paying that kind of mark up.
  7. Custom Venom Color GT500 to be Raffled Off For JDRF

    Wow this car matches my license plate and current GT350 color combo. I’m in!
  8. Eibach GT350/R springs

    Ride quality is surprisingly really good, I was worried it would be too harsh. It has to be 90% as comfortable as stock. I honestly can’t tell much difference. It could probably use some small spacers up front. I thought the same thing when I was looking at everyone else’s pics but in person it...
  9. Eibach GT350/R springs

    Loving it, it’s like the exhaust has been uncorked. Sounds like a full on race car at wot.
  10. Eibach GT350/R springs

    Got mine installed yesterday along with the corsa double helix x pipe. Super happy :headbang:
  11. Eibach GT350/R springs

    Looking good fellas, I’m having mine installed on Friday. I can’t wait!
  12. Mustang Performance Shop In Dallas?

    I’ve heard Dusold Designs is good. I haven’t dealt with them yet but they’re going to be installing my lowering springs in a couple weeks.
  13. Eibach GT350/R springs

    Can’t wait to see more pics. What’s a fair price to pay for install?
  14. Eibach GT350/R springs

    Exactly the look I’m after, the FP springs just weren’t doing it for me. Group buy possible??
  15. Tinted Tail Lights

    Got mine in today
  16. Update from Eibach: "They need a car to test fit."

    I would also love to see some installed pics.
  17. 2020 Tesla Roadster 8.9 1/4 mile

    It has over 7000 ft lbs of torque :eyebulge:
  18. 1030 RWHP GT350

    lol @ the kid in the passenger seat. Is the car lowered too? I know they got guys sitting in the trunk but even the front looks nice and low.