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  1. SCCA F-Street Setup. What's Everyone Done so Far?

    It's still going to be a stacked class, with Leeder, Daddio, Strano, Hale and several other Camaro guys in there. But, gotta try try try.
  2. Wheel/Tire Shop in KC

    I've had great service from Zohr and am happy to recommend them. Best part is they come to you so you don't have to go schlep the wheels to a shop and wait for them. They do big tires/wheels all the time and when Ford brought GT500's to Heartland Park they were the only place that would change...
  3. AAD Performance Drag Packs

    Excellent design! These look like great products and happy to see a local company doing it right!
  4. Any Suggestions for Aftermarket Wheels?

    I use them for autocross tires. I recommend them.
  5. Auto Cross

    Autocross isn't for everyone but I really enjoy the challenge of it. To do it really well you have to be able to visualize the course (line) from walking it and then execute that vision with as few mistakes as possible. Some people are able to look ahead far enough to read the course and react...
  6. Thinking of going from a GTPPP to a GT350, not SRSBSNS but will autocross - input?

    Yep, I'm aware of that and wrote a letter. I made the point that the Mach1 has the same option and wasn't singled out. I spoke with an SEB member at Nationals about it and my concern has been alleviated.
  7. Thinking of going from a GTPPP to a GT350, not SRSBSNS but will autocross - input?

    I ran a '15 PP1 in FS for a couple of years, took some time off from autox and then got a '20 GT350 to run in BS. I cross shopped a bunch of cars in the same price/performance range and am still very happy with the GT350 decision. The biggest differences I noticed from the '15 are it has a lot...
  8. GoPro Mount for Track Day

    I've been chasing an in-car setup that allows me to see my hands and also get a decent shot of the course. It's a lot easier if you have a convertible or no windshield but for the Mustang this is what I've come up with. I try to get the camera lens at about the same plane as my eyes, so it's...
  9. Is Magneride worth it to get the best of both worlds for a track car/daily driver?

    When the car has been off for a while you'll find the shocks are in super soft mode. It's not bouncy but you can pretty easily move the car up and down by pushing on the cowl support. When it's running I can barely budge it.
  10. First autocross with the 2020 base GT (6spd, 4.09 ratio, Ford Track suspension)

    Best place for your car is CAMC. It's pretty much a run what you brung on 200TW tires. Like @NightmareMoon says, your best investment is in driving skills. Get as much seat time as you can, ask for instruction and help and listen to advice that's given. We all just want to go faster and nearly...
  11. Anybody do their own alignments?

    No I haven't used them. Keep in mind that a 2-pc rotor has just a little bit of float in it to allow for axial misalignment. I don't feel any slop in the GT350 rotors, those pins are tight and I like that design that seems to allow only radial movement. I like the Longacre gauge I use that...
  12. Anybody do their own alignments?

    Quickjacks. I don't have space for a 2-post lift, the Quickjacks are a decent compromise. Before that, floor jack and jackstands. Good core workout. :cool:
  13. Anybody do their own alignments?

    The primary benefit of the adjustable links is that they are so much easier to adjust. The stock adjustment is a slotted hole on the upper inboard link which is "difficult" to get (requires a long flex head ratcheting wrench) and to adjust the link location you sometimes need to unload the...
  14. Anybody do their own alignments?

    I've done that and it works but it's messy. There's enough slip that you can just bounce the car and it'll settle. The really nice thing about the Magneride shocks is that they're full soft when the car is off and it bounces super easy.
  15. Anybody do their own alignments?

    Yes although if you're using tiles, they have enough slip that you can just bounce the car up and down to settle it.
  16. Anybody do their own alignments?

    Yes, once I figure out how many tiles go on each corner I mark an outline of the tiles and the number for each stack on the floor. Jack up the car and put the tiles under the tire and let it down. Of course, be careful when jacking up the car with tires on tiles. The tiles can slide pretty easy...
  17. Anybody do their own alignments?

    Mark your garage floor where your tires sit so you know where they'll be when you're checking everything, then move the car. Get some 1' square vinyl floor tiles or anything else you can use as shims. Get about 15' of clear plastic tubing and a couple of jack stands. Fill the tubing with water...
  18. Anybody do their own alignments?

    You don't need anything extra to adjust the toe. You'll want camber plates to make the front camber changes easy. You can slot the struts and change the camber at the knuckle/strut joint but that is more difficult and reduces clearance between the tire and the strut body. Camber plates are the...
  19. Anybody do their own alignments?

    Thanks, and I agree. A friend and I figured out the laser pointer method many years ago. I have a 24" level that has one built into it that works great for this. It's much easier with two people, one to position and hold the laser/level and the other to take the readings on the scale on the...
  20. Anybody do their own alignments?

    Caster isn't really adjustable on these cars. I've had alignments done wrong by "professionals" although they've always fixed them after I checked. The shop I use now lets me hang out in the bay and "help" the technician. You'd be surprised how easy it is to mix up toe in and toe out. It's like...