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  1. Can we have a funny meme thread? (NO POLITICS!)

    ☹ I can't afford it though!!!!☹
  2. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Why warp it period. One of the better looking Mustang factory IMHO. Yes my car had them, sold e'm. Replaced with CF5 in silver.
  3. Looking for a pair of 255/40/19 4S or GT350 set wheels/tires

    I still have these. Make an offer. Yes I'm far away, 13502 zip, so shipping may be costly.
  4. OMG Oops!

    +40 ET. May require a 5 or 6mm thick spacer on front to keep wheel from touching the strut. Don't go to thick or you'll need longer studs as you lose thread engagement. Should look great on a VB!! :inlove:
  5. I am kicking myself for not moving the cabinet...

    I second that about NY and SALT.
  6. Mecum brings huge numbers for GT350R Prototype

    Everything being this is the Grand Daddy of your car. Fixed it for you!!!
  7. Part numbers

    I can't help, but what model/year? Pic sure looks like a GT500, but your profile is GT350HE. I'll guess the GT500 is different with that shift knob, so the console pieces must be different for it vs non-GT500's. Try asking Benny at Levittown Ford based on the car's VIN number...
  8. New York BC Forged 19” Wheels

  9. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Tony, see my avater. Those are Roush which Katzhin makes for Roush. Installed myself as they were some type of leftover never installed by Roush or a dealer that sells Roush and they dealer install, my guess. Bought off e-bay. Not that hard. Maybe 6- 8 hours total. I followed a you tube video...
  10. Steeda Tune for 10-speed

    Got me there. But FR still means Ford Racing which I'm surprised you didn't guess. Maybe he should have said FP not FR????
  11. Steeda Tune for 10-speed

    Ford Racing. There's at least two threads on it. This is the 122 page one.
  12. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    As in a 30 minute online "Test" that costs $XX ($75 if I remember) vs what it would have cost the state in having the trooper, judge, etc in court costs. How many uninsured bums, drunks, stoners etc are on the road doing possibly more damage vs 73 in a 55 on a sunny afternoon on a 2 lane state...
  13. When you put new exhaust in your Mustang, it will make the car sound louder in the first few days

    Yes carbon build up on all that bare metal is what causes the change.
  14. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Same here last yr in Northern NY. Just another state money grab. I was lucky as I was doing over 90mph in a 55 zone maybe 30-45 seconds before got stopped for 73 in the 55! Was my old S60 sedan not the GT.
  15. Seatbelt door jam damage

    You should see my wife's car and the passeger side of my DD. She's BRUTAL on cars. My last DD car had DENT"S not just chipped paint.
  16. PP1 Wheels Tire Size Setup Question

    They're a little shorter, meaning more gap to fender, less ground clearance, and the PP1 wheels are at the low end of recommended wheel width. Can you? Sure, but not enough gained IMHO.
  17. Purchase dilemma

    Buy the like new one vs waiting months, maybe longer................... You can purchase seat cover any color, material, style, etc you'd like for less then $2K CAD I'd think. I spent less then $800 USD for the one's in my avater!! Self installed. The red is suede too!! Katzkin is one option...
  18. How tough is Virginia International Raceway?

    Never been there but Car and Driver goes there once a yr for last 14 or 15 yrs or so for what they call "Lighting Lap". May or may not give you some insight to it.